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Our programs, offered in both official languages, cover several professional fields in the health sciences. The quality of teaching and the expertise of its professors contribute to the national and international recognition of the Faculty of Health Sciences. We are proud of our pioneering research programs and the innovation we demonstrate in all of our fields.

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Graduate Programs

Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences

The Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences' interdisciplinary approach enables understanding of the interactions and relationships between the biological determinants of health and our environments, social networks and communities.

Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)

Enables students to study health from an interdisciplinary perspective. Future health professionals will be challenged to understand biological, environmental and social factors, both in isolation and as interactive health determinants. 

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Minor in Health Sciences 

Open to all eligible uOttawa students, to expose students to the interactions of bioscience, social and environmental health determinants and their combined influences on health, disease, disability, longevity and health equity.

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School of Human Kinetics

The School of Human Kinetics offers a rich academic experience through inspired teaching and internationally recognized research in two complementary areas: physical activity and health, and sports and society.

Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (BScHK)

Emphasizes the biophysical sciences of human kinetics, with a focus on the role that biological, anatomical, musculoskeletal, and neuro-motor systems have on motor performance, and  the impact of sport and physical activity on the body.

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Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK)

Emphasizes the social sciences aspects of physical activity, sport, active leisure and health. It provides the knowledge and skills required to play a leading role in developing, promoting and implementing programs, policies and positive lifestyle behaviours for different populations in a variety of settings. 

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Minor in Studies of Social Issues in Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure

Open to all eligible uOttawa students, this Minor offers an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in critical analysis of sport, physical activity and leisure to help you become an actor of social change in, and through, sport, physical activity and leisure.

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School of Nursing

The School of Nursing prepares the next generation of nurses to offer quality care, to assume leadership roles within the healthcare system, and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

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Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

Offered jointly with two Ottawa-area colleges in both official languages. The program seeks to prepare the next generation of nurses to offer high-quality nursing care and assume leadership roles within the health care system.

Please note that the Second Entry program is under revision and is not accepting applications at this time.

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School of Nutrition Sciences

The School of Nutrition Sciences aspires to educate tomorrow’s professional leaders in food and nutrition sciences to advance knowledge mobilization and promote healthy lifestyles.

Honours Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences (BFNSc)

The foods we eat are essential to maintaining the health of individuals and populations. Students will have an in-depth knowledge of the sciences underlying the production, consumption and metabolism of food, as well as their effects on health, disease prevention and management.

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Honours Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences (BIFS)

First of its kind in Canada, this program is an outstanding multidisciplinary program and a partnership with Le Cordon Bleu International. It will prepare future graduates to take on leadership roles in any industry where food innovation plays a key role, including health care, education, hospitality, business, or research and development.

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