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Promoting Well-being:

Help provide our students with the innovative training they need to ensure and promote the health and well-being of individuals and our communities.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is known for the quality and diversity of its programs, offered in French and English at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and for its high-calibre research. Our students benefit from the best clinical experiences and training possible through our partnerships with more than 250 clinical agencies and community organizations.

Home to nearly 4,500 students and support and teaching staff devoted to nursing, nutrition sciences, rehabilitation sciences, human kinetics and the interdisciplinary study of health sciences, the Faculty has successfully drawn on its teaching and research expertise to develop initiatives that make a difference in the community.

Your donation to the Faculty of Health Sciences will help us recruit and retain top talent, advance our research and offer undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

Live long, live well and with choices

The LIFE Research Institute (LRI) is an action-oriented research hub that takes a comprehensive approach to aging by advancing knowledge and training on the physical, mental and social issues that impact quality of life throughout the life trajectory.  With the International Longevity Centre – Canada (ILC) and other partners, it brings together multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial expertise to positively impact aging so that people can live the healthiest, most fulfilling lives. 

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