SSHRC International Travel Grants


The SSHRC International Travel Grants provide financial assistance for the dissemination of the highest-quality research done at the FHS by allowing researchers, the FHS and the University to become better known on the international scene by presenting their research results at international conferences. The researchers being the representatives of the FHS and the University of Ottawa, participation at the conference should help to promote the image of the FHS and the University of Ottawa internationally. Funds will be granted as a contribution to travel costs only.

Financial assistance covers registration fees, transportation and living expenses. An applicant may receive one SSHRC International Travel grant (up to $1500) per year (i.e., one conference between June 1st of one year and May 31st of the following year).

Applicant Eligibility

Only researchers who are SSHRC-eligible may apply. Examples of disciplines that may be considered are: Archival Science, Communications and Media Studies, Leisure Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Criminology, Demography, Economics, Education, Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Industrial Relations, Law, Management, Business, Administrative Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Women's Studies. Priority must be given to early career researchers (first 5 years) who do not hold SSHRC funds and plan to apply to an external organization within the next 18 months.

To be eligible, the applicant must also:

New SSHRC travel grant applicants

  • Be a full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty 
  • Alignment of research project with SSHRC mandate
  • Intention to apply for SSHRC funding in the next 18 months
  • Significance of conference (size; internationality, relevance to research subject, involvement of international or national professional organizations, etc.)
  • Priority will be given to applications where trainee attendance at the conference is evident.

Previous SSHRC travel grant recipients

Evaluation will follow criteria described above. In addition, to be eligible, previously successful applicants must also demonstrate the following

  • Proof of application for SSHRC funding, within the deadline of 18 months since receiving the travel award. 
  • Proof of acceptance of a peer-reviewed paper related to the data presented at the conference previously funded by a SSHRC travel grant.
  • The grant may not be awarded to the same researcher in two consecutive years

Submission Deadline

October 15th 2018 at noon.

Applications must be sent by email to the Research office of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Application Procedures

Applicants must submit a cover letter stating their employment status and eligibility for FRC funding. In addition, the applicant must submit:

  • A SSHRC International Travel Grants Application Form duly completed, signed by the researcher and approved by the researcher's unit;
  • A budget not exceeding $1500. Budget items may include registration fees, transportation and living expenses for the official days of the conference plus two traveling days;
  • Information on the scholarly status of the conference (one page or less) by clearly demonstrating the significance of the conference (justification must be provided clearly demonstrating the importance of the conference to the researcher's discipline on the international level and the expected impact on his/her career);
  • Information on the nature and importance of the conference organizers/sponsors (the latter must involve international professional associations or national professional organizations having both objectives and participation of an international nature);
  • Information on the main focus of the conference;
  • Information on the participation of students or postdoctoral fellows at the conference
  • Information on the relationship between the subject of the conference and the research interests of the applicant (e.g. publications, funded research); (justification must be provided clearly indicating the current research project/interest, and establishing the relationship with the focus of the conference);
  • Information on the guarantee that participation will give rise to an appropriate peer-reviewed research publication other than conference proceedings;
  • A copy/draft of the abstract of the paper to be given;
  • A copy of the letter of acceptance of the paper by the conference organizers, if available. Note that funds will not be released until this confirmation is received;
  • An abbreviated CV (OCGS format): applicants should focus their CV on the relationship between their current research interests in relation with the focus of the conference.

Please note that complete application should not exceed 15 pages (1-inch margins, 12 point font). Any additional pages will be removed from the document and will not be considered by the committee evaluating the proposal.

Adjudication Process

As a limited number of scholarships are available, applications will be evaluated and selected by the Faculty's Research Committee, which is chaired by the Vice-Dean Research, and includes 5 faculty members, one member for each school of the Faculty.  The allocation granted this year will support two competitions (October 2018 and May 2019) up to three awards per competition.

Post-Conference Procedures

If your application has been selected, please communicate with your school financial officer to organize reimbursement post-conference. Please note that all original receipts will be requested.

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