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The suite of internal funding opportunities is available to full time Faculty members to support research activities within the Faculty.

Each opportunity has specific deadlines and processes, as detailed in each link.

All applications should be submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences research office (

For joint opportunities with the Office of the Vice-President Research, only requests previously evaluated positively at the Faculty level will be forwarded.

As a limited number of awards are available, applications (for both Faculty-specific and joint opportunities with the OVPR) will be evaluated by the Faculty Research Committee which is chaired by the Vice-Dean Research, and includes 5 faculty members, one member for each school of the Faculty. Selections and allocations are made on a competitive basis, contingent on availability of funds.

Only one application per PI per competition please.

Additional funding opportunities


Internal Deadlines

January 10 - Interdis. RTC
March 1 - Shared Infrastructure
March 15 - Strategic Grant
April 1  - Conference
May 10 - RDP - Seed and Bridge
June 15 - Strategic Grant
July 2 - Conference
October 1 - Conference
November 1 - Shared Infrastructure
November 15 - RDP Seed-Bridge
November 20 - Conference
December 1 - Strategic Grant

Apply anytime:

International Travel

Open Access Publishing

Research Design and Methodological Support

Emergency Fund for Minor Equipment Repair Program

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