Occupational Therapy

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In this section you will find the necessary documents and tools to guide your planning and supervision time.

STUDENTS: Placement Documentation



Clinical sites have to be approved by the university of Ottawa fieldwork coordinator according to the Canadian Guidelines for Clinical Education in Occupational Therapy established by the Canadian association of occupational therapy university program (ACPUE/CAOTUP)

The Guidelines provide principles guiding the fieldwork education experience; responsibilities of students, clinical educators and fieldwork coordinators; as well as tools and processes to support quality in Canadian occupational therapy clinical education. Should you need more information, please contact us at formclin@uottawa.ca

Moreover, an agreement between the University of Ottawa and clinical sites must be valid. A short term agreement is sent to facilities providing a placement outside of the University of Ottawa catchment area a few weeks before the beginning of the clinical experience. For regular partners, the agreement is of long-term duration.

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