Insurance Policies

Liability Insurance

Students receive, from the University of Ottawa, insurance against civil or professional liability. the Affiliation Agreement between the University and the clinical site outlines this specific subject. In particular, it indicates that upon request from the site, the University must supply a copy of a certificate to this effect.

Accident Insurance

All students completing unpaid placements that are authorized by the University of Ottawa are insured under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) otherwise known as the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB).

If a student has an accident at the workplace,

  • The supervisor, the clinical coordinator of the site, as well as the academic fieldwork coordinator of the University must be advised immediately.
  • After notification, an incident report detailing the facts that led to the event is completed by the student and/or the supervisor and a copy must be sent to the academic fieldwork coordinator of the University of Ottawa.
  • Please note that it is important that the academic fieldwork coordinator of the University be advised that same day as the WSIB has specific and rigid demands.

Placement inscription requirement

Students are expected to meet with the University and placement sites requirements as for the immunizations. If necessary, verify the police file and CPR as well. Click here for further information.

Notice: For the CPR level HCP (Health Care Provider OR BLS (Basic Life Support) required: Uof O does not accept two or three years certifications; students must have taken the course before the start of the academic year; and certification must cover the entire academic year.

Student’s responsibility

Each student is responsible for :

  • Completing their immunisation;
  • Meeting the other requirements if necessary (i.e. Police files, CPR) depending on the program or the placement site.
  • Giving proof to the fieldwork coordinator that all requirements are met before the beginning of the placement
  • At the request of the placement site, the student must be able to prove at all times that their immunization is complete, under penalty of being withdrawn from the placement
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