Graduate Programs

Master in Audiology (MHSc) 

The audiology program trains professionals with expertise in the field of normal development of hearing and who assess and treat hearing disorders, tinnitus and balance problems.
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Master of Physiotherapy (MHSc) 

Physiotherapy is a self-governing profession that promotes fitness, health and wellness. The profession provides frontline client-centered health care services to help clients maintain and improve their functional independence.
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Doctorate in Philosophy Rehabilitation Sciences

Prepares candidates from both professional and research backgrounds for a career involving research in rehabilitation sciences, including issues ranging from basic science questions to psychosocial repercussions of health conditions in a rehabilitation context.

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Master in Speech-Language Pathology (MHSc) 

The speech-language pathology program trains professionals who have expertise in the field of normal and disordered development of human communication and who evaluate and treat disorders of speech, language, communication and oropharyngeal function.
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Master in Occupational Therapy (MHSc) 

Occupational therapy is both an art and a science whose aim is to prevent handicap situations, re-establish or promote occupation (everyday activities that people do), health, and well-being of individuals.
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