FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Course Enrolment

I want to enrol for my courses. Where do I start?

The course sequence for each program will help you to enrol in the courses you need to complete your program. They show, term by term, which courses to take.

Course sequences are published on our website.

I want to enrol for a sixth course (18 units) but the Enroll application doesn’t let me. What should I do?

The Enroll application will let you take a maximum of five courses (15 units) per term. If you have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 6.0 or higher, you can email healthsc@uOttawa.ca to ask for permission to enrol in a sixth course.

Source: Academic regulation I-5.3 Maximum course load per term

How do I pick an elective?

First, enrol in your compulsory and optional courses. Then choose an elective course that fits with your course schedule and personal interests. To find courses and when they’re offered, use the course timetable search tool.

You can also consult the list of electives without prerequisites.

If you have completed a course that you enjoyed, you can search for another course in the same discipline.

Why can’t I enrol for FLS, ESL or modern languages courses?

Students need to pass a placement test before enrolling:

After you have completed the test, you will receive the code for the course in which you can enrol.

ESL3100 and FLS3500 do not count for units in your program of studies.

When is the deadline to add or drop a course?

You are responsible for knowing the important deadlines. Learn more about academic dates and deadlines.

When I try to enrol, the course I’m interested in seems to have available seats. Why do I get a message saying I’m not eligible?

Courses have seats reserved for students in specific programs. If there are no reserved seats for you in a course, you will get a Not Eligible message.

When you are selecting classes, the class information displays the Status, Available Seats and My Available Seats. Check My Available Seats to see if there is a space left for you.

My name is #1 on the wait list for a course, but I still have not been enrolled. Is this normal?

uoCampus will not enrol you in the waitlisted course if:

- You are already enrolled in five courses for each term

- The waitlisted course conflicts with your course schedule

- No seats are reserved for your program 

I need to take a 1000-level course. Why do I keep getting an error message?

In an honours bachelor’s, students can take a maximum of 42 units at the 1000 level. If you wish to take an additional course at the 1000 level, email healthsc@uOttawa.ca.

Source: Academic regulation I-12.2 Conditions for obtaining an honours bachelor’s degree

I need to enrol but I still have a financial block on my file. What can I do?

Contact the Student Accounts team.

How do I meet the clinical or lab requirements (immunizations, police record check, CPR-HCP, etc.)?

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) is responsible for ensuring you meet these requirements. They do not prevent you from enrolling in courses.

See the ORM program requirements and deadlines.

How do I find a thesis supervisor and register my thesis topic?

We invite you to learn more about theses, including thesis supervision and topic registration.

What is a progress report and how do I submit one?

Completing a progress report allows you and your supervisor to meet and review your research. In a thesis program, you submit an annual progress report as a Service Request in uoZone.

What can I do if I submitted my progress report more than a week ago but the status is still “Submitted”?

We suggest that you contact your supervisor to make sure he or she has received your service request.

What does it mean if my progress report status says “Revisions”?

Your report is being reviewed by your supervisor.

My supervisor approved my progress report yesterday, so why isn’t it showing as approved in uoCampus?

Service requests are checked every 48 hours and your request will be processed very soon.

I’m trying to enrol but the system says I haven’t completed the prerequisites even though I have. What do I do?

Email healthsc@uOttawa.ca with the course code as well as the course section you wish to enrol in. Mention the term in which you completed the prerequisite(s). We will be able to check if you completed them and then enrol you.

I’m trying to enrol in a compulsory course, but no spaces are available. I am on the wait list and I’m worried I will not get a seat before the enrolment deadline. What do I do?
  1. Check if another course section is available for your program.
  2. Check whether according to your course sequence this course could be completed in a different term.
  3. Email healthsc@uOttawa.ca with the course code as well as the course section.
I dropped a course, but it still appears in Brightspace. How long will it take for the system to be updated? Will this course count for my average?

If you drop a course before the deadline, it doesn’t count in the calculation of your average. 

Brightspace can take up to two business days to be updated. If the course still appears after two days, contact our Information Technology service line at 613-562-5800 ext. 6555 or complete a service desk request.

I’d like to enrol in a course at a different university. How do I ensure that the units will count toward my program at the University of Ottawa?

You will need to fill out the Letter of Permission form. The course will be evaluated to determine if it is equivalent to a course offered by the University of Ottawa. Once you get permission, you can enrol in the course offered by the other university.

You must ensure that an official transcript is sent to your University of Ottawa faculty as soon as the term ends. Otherwise, a NC grade will appear on your transcript.

For more information, see Regulation 6.4.

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