Amanda Vandyk


Amanda Vandyk
Associate Professor

June 2013 Ph.D. Nursing Queen's University
April 2009 M.Sc.N Nursing Queen's University
April 2006 B.Sc.N. Nursing Queen's University

Room: RGN 1118j
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6246
Work E-mail:

Amanda Vandyk


Amanda Vandyk is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing at the University of Ottawa, the Associate Director for the Centre for Research on Health and Nursing, a Scientist with Institute de Savoir Montfort, and an Affiliated Investigator with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Prior to joining the faculty, I worked in psychiatric emergency services at the Ottawa Hospital. My program of research is rooted in my clinical experiences, reflective of a pragmatic approach, and aimed at answering questions that are meaningful for healthcare providers, patients, and families. I believe that thoughtful consideration of existing evidence through knowledge synthesis and triangulation of findings garnered from qualitative and quantitative studies are critical when addressing practice problems. Yet, translating evidence into practice is a complex process facilitated by active involvement of practice and patient/family partners in research, and I work with knowledge users and stakeholders to design, execute, and disseminate my studies. The overarching purpose of my program of research is to advance knowledge of healthcare access, delivery, and utilization. Although these topics cross-cut all healthcare sectors, I have focused primarily on the mental healthcare context. The three interconnected objectives are:

  1. To understand experiences of seeking, receiving, or providing healthcare;
  2. To develop and test strategies for improved access, delivery, and utilization of healthcare;
  3. To promote evidence-informed nursing education to support optimal delivery of care.

Research Interests

  • Mental Healthcare
  • Access, Delivery, and Utilization of Health Services
  • Evidence-infomed mental health nursing education and practice
  • Systematic reviews

Selective publications

  • Stokes Y*, Jacob JD, Squires J, Vandyk A. Using the ARTIC-35 to measure nurses’ attitudes related to trauma-informed care.  Journal of Nursing Measurement (Accepted, 2019).
  • Marcogliese E*, Vandyk A. Mental health nurses’ knowledge of entry-to-practice competencies in psychiatric care. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. (Accepted February, 2019). 
  • Vandyk A, Bentz A*, Bissonette S*, Cater C*. Why go to the emergency department? Perspectives from persons with borderline personality disorder. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Volume 28(3), p. 757-765, 2019.   
  • Young L*, Vandyk AD, Jacob JD, McPherson C., Murata L†.  Being parent caregivers of adult children with schizophrenia. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, Volume: 40(4), p. 297-303, 2019. DOI: 10.1080/01612840.2018.1524531.
  • Squires JE, Graham ID, Grinspun D†, Lavis J, Legare F, Bell R, Bornstein S, Brien SE, Dobrow M, Estabrooks CA, Greenough M, Hillmer M, Horsley T, Katz A, Krause C, Levinson W, Levy A, Mancuso M, Maybee A, Morgan S, Nadalin Penno L, Neuner A, Rader T, Roberts J, Gary T, Tepper J, Vandyk A, Widmeyer D, Wilson M, Grimshaw JM. Inappropriateness of Health Care in Canada: A Systematic Review Protocol. BMC Systematic Reviews, Volume: 8(50), 2019.
  • Hartley H*, Donn Smith J*, Vandyk AD. A systematic review of continuing education interventions for licensed nurses working in psychiatry. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, Volume: 55(5), p. 233-240, 2019
  • Vandyk AD, Kaluzienski M†, Goldie C, Stokes Y*, Ross-White A, Kronick J, Gilmour M*, MacPhee C†, Graham ID. Interventions to improve emergency department use for mental health reasons: Protocol for a mixed-methods systematic review. BMC Systematic Reviews, Volume: 8(84), 2019
  • Ruiz A*, MacDonald I*, Squires JE, B, Vandyk AD, Graham ID. Job satisfaction among critical care nurses: A systematic review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, Volume: 88, p. 123-134, 2018.
  • Young L*, Murata L†, McPherson C, Jacob JD, Vandyk AD. Exploring the experiences of parent caregivers in schizophrenia: Systematic Review. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, Volume: 33, p. 93-103, 2019.
  • Souli I*, Vandyk A, Versailles D†, Marcoux I, Salvador A†, Peterson WE, Hu J*, Stacey D. Les obstacles et les facilitateurs a l’utilisation de l’evaluation du risqué de violence aupres des personnes ayant des troubles mentaux: perceptions du personnel soignant. Rech Soins Infirm, Volume: 133, 2018, p. 45-57.
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