Roanne Thomas


Roanne Thomas
Full Professor

2001 Ph.D. University of New Brunswick
1995 B.Ed. St. Thomas University
1994 M.A. University of New Brunswick
1994 B.A. Trent University

Room: RGN 3068
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8645
Work E-mail:

Roanne Thomas


Roanne Thomas is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Qualitative Health Research with Marginalized Populations. Professor Thomas completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of New Brunswick. She then completed an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship in primary health care, as part of a CIHR Strategic Training Initiative.

Prior to her appointment at the University of Ottawa, she founded and co-directed the Qualitative Research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. She has used a variety of methods and methodologies in her research, including photovoice, poetic transcription, and ethnodrama, while publishing mainly in the area of women’s health and disability.

Professor Thomas is a member of the advisory board for the Canadian Lymphedema Framework, and co-chairs the research group for this organization.


Research Interests

  • Cancer survivorship
  • Lymphedema and quality of life
  • Qualitative methodologies

Recent Publications

  • Thomas-MacLean R. Unraveling the Ribbon:  Learning about Breast Cancer through Poetic Transcription, Canadian Woman Studies (2011) 28, (2,3):166-171.
  • Miedema B, Hamilton R, Tatemichi S, Thomas-MacLean R, Hack TF, Quinlan E, Towers A, Tilley A, Kwan W. Do Breast Cancer Survivors' Post- Surgery Difficulties with Recreational Activities Persist Over Time? Journal of Cancer Survivorship(2011)
  • Quinlan E, Thomas-MacLean R, Hack TF, Tatemichi S, Towers A, Kwan W, Miedema B, Tilley A.  Breast Cancer Survivorship & Work Disability: Falling into the Policy Void. Journal of Disability Policy Studies (2011)
  • Shaw R, Thomas-MacLean R. Yoga for Women Living with Breast Cancer Related Arm Morbidity: Findings from an Exploratory Study. International Journal of Yoga Therapy Accepted April 26, 2011.
  • Haase K, Thomas-MacLean R.  Exploring the Presence of a Women’s Health Approach in Cervical Cancer Care. Aporia(2011) 3 (2):15-25.
  • Thomas-MacLean R, Spriggs P,  Quinlan E, Towers A, Hack TF, Tatemichi S, Miedema B, Kwan W, Tilley A. Arm Morbidity and Disability: Reporting the Current Status from Canada. Journal of Lymphoedema (2010) 5(2):33-38.
  • Poudrier J, Thomas-MacLean R.   “We’ve Fallen Into the Cracks”: A Photovoice Project with Aboriginal Breast Cancer Survivors. Nursing Inquiry (2009) 16(4):306-317.
  • Ferguson A, Thomas-MacLean R, Messy Methodological Musings: Engaging in “Successful” Qualitative Health Research.Aporia (2009) 1(4):7-15.
  • Thomas-MacLean R, Hamoline R, Kuzmicz J, Quinlan E, Ramsden VR. Querying Mentorship: Primary Care Physicians Discuss the Development of a Mentorship Program in Saskatchewan. Canadian Family Physician (2010) 56(7):e263-e272.
  • Schell K, Ferguson A, Hamoline R, Shea J, Thomas-MacLean R. Photovoice as a Teaching Tool: Learning By Doing with Visual Methods. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. (2009) 21(3):340-352.
  • Thomas- MacLean R, Towers A, Quinlan E, Hack TF, Kwan W, Miedema B, Tilley A, Graham P. “This is a Kind of Betrayal”:  A Qualitative Study of Disability after Breast Cancer. Current Oncology (2009) 16(3):26-32.


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