Wendy Peterson


Wendy Peterson
Associate Professor and Associate Professor

2004 Ph.D. McMaster University
1988 B.Sc.N. Nursing University of Ottawa

Room: RGN 1118F
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8207
Work E-mail: wendy.peterson@uOttawa.ca

Wendy Peterson


Wendy Peterson, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, University of Ottawa and an associate member of the Nursing Best Practice Research Unit.  Wendy’s program of research aims to improve the quality and experience of maternal-newborn health services for marginalized women by addressing disparities in access to health services, facilitating woman-centered humanistic birth, and exploring the role of registered nurses in interprofessional primary maternity care teams.

Wendy has held principal and co-investigator roles in studies funded by local, provincial and federal agencies.  Examples of these research projects include those designed to:

  • understand the health service experiences of adolescent mothers in hospital and urban community settings;
  • describe adolescent mother-friendly inpatient perinatal nursing care;
  • inform and evaluate interventions to integrate public health and community health centre services for the purpose of improving access to care for marginalized childbearing families;
  • evaluate a national primary care initiative to facilitate interprofessional maternity care;
  • describe the impact of fetal fibronectin testing on the experiences of women with symptoms of preterm labour.

Wendy’s clinical experience includes working in high risk obstetrics and neonatal intensive care. After graduating with her PhD (Nursing) from McMaster University, Wendy completed a postdoctoral fellowship in primary health care services funded by CHSRF (Dr. Edwards’ Chair in Multiple Interventions for Community Health) and TUTOR-PHC (CIHR) and co-supervised by Nancy Edwards, PhD, and Barbara Davies, PhD, at the University of Ottawa. Wendy currently teaches Care of the Childbearing Family, Research Methods and Nursing Professionalism and Ethics in the undergraduate program and supervises five brilliant graduate students.

Selected publications

  • Edwards, N., Etowa, J., Peterson, W. & Kennedy, M.A. (2011). Community health planning, monitoring and evaluation. Chapter 14 in Community Health Nursing: A Canadian perspective (3rd ed.), Edited by Stamler, L. & Yiu, L. Pearson Canada.
  • Meyer, M., Estable, A., MacLean, L. & Peterson, W. (2010). Family Home Visitors: Increasing Minority Women’s Access to Health Services. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 3(3): pp 1-20.
  • Smith, D., Edwards, N., Peterson, W., Jaglarz, M., Laplante, D. & Estable, A. (2010). Rethinking nursing best practices with Aboriginal communities: Informing dialogue and action. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 22(4): pp 22-37.
  • Smith, D., Peterson, W., Jaglarz, M. & Doell, K. (2009). Improving Access to Preventive Services for Marginalized Families: A Review of Inter-organizational Interventions to Integrate Community-based Services. The Open Health Services and Policy Journal, Volume 2.
  • Payant, L., Davies, B., Graham, I.D., Peterson, W.E. & Clinch, J. (2008). Nurses' intentions to provide continuous labor support to women. JOGNN – Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing, 37: pp 405-414.
  • Peterson, W.E., Medves, J.M., Davies, B.L. & Graham I.D. (2007). Multidisciplinary Collaborative Maternity Care in Canada: Easier said than done. JOGC – Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology of Canada, 29(11): page 880.
  • Peterson, W.E., Sword, W., Charles, C. & DiCenso, A. (2007). Adolescents’ perceptions of inpatient postpartum nursing care.Qualitative HealthResearch, 17(2): page 201.
  • Edwards, N., Peterson, W.E. & Davies, B.L. (2006). Evaluation of a multiple   component intervention to support the implementation of a ‘Therapeutic Relationships’ best practice guideline on nurses’ communication skills. Patient Education and Counseling, 63: 3-11.
  • Peterson, W.E., Charles, C., DiCenso, A. & Sword, W. (2005). The Newcastle Satisfaction with Nursing Scales: A Valid Measure of Maternal Satisfaction with Inpatient Postpartum Nursing Care. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 52(6): 672-681.
  • Peterson, W.E. & DiCenso, A. (2002). A Comparison of Adolescent and Adult Mothers’ Satisfaction with Their Postpartum Nursing Care. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research34(4): 117-127.

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