Patrick O'Byrne


Patrick O'Byrne
Associate Professor

2016 Nurse Practitioner Diploma Queen’s University
2010 Post-Doctorate Medicine University of Toronto
2009 Post-Doctorate Nursing University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
2008 PhD Nursing University of Ottawa
2005 MScN. (Transfer to PhD) Nursing University of Ottawa
2004 BScN Nursing University of Ottawa

Room: RGN 1480D
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8917
Work E-mail:

Patrick O'Byrne


Patrick O’Byrne RN-EC PhD is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Ottawa. His research and clinical work as a nurse practitioner focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Dr. O’Byrne’s work includes the provision of HIV medications to prevention HIV transmission (known as pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis), and the delivery of culturally sensitive and appropriate nursing services for members of the groups most affected by sexually transmitted infections and HIV. He holds an OHTN Research Chair in Public Health and HIV Prevention.

Research Interests

  • Public health nursing
  • Marginalized populations
  • Sexual health
  • Sexually transmitted infections and HIV
  • HIV prevention
  • Critical theory and Politics
  • Nursing
  • Intersection of health and law

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • O’Byrne P, Jacob JD. (epub). The evolution of HIV prevention: from discipline to control. Advances in Nursing Science.
  • Pearson Jeske C*, O’Byrne P. (Accepted). Methadone maintenance treatment as social control: a review of patient experiences. Journal of Addiction Nursing.
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  • O’Byrne P, Jacob JD, Orser L*, Bourgault A, Lee S. (epub). Responding to critiques of the Canadian PrEP guidelines: Increasing equitable access through a nurse-led active-offer PrEP service (PrEP-RN). Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 28(1), 5-16.
  • O’Byrne P. (2019). Population health and social governance: A review, an update, some clarifications, and a response. Qualitative Health Research, 29(5), 731-738.
    *solicited manuscript
  • O’Byrne P, Pearson Jeske, C*. (ePub). Perceptions and experiences of methadone maintenance treatment: a qualitative descriptive research study. Nursing Inquiry.
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Chapters in Books

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