Josée Lagacé


Josée Lagacé
Associate Professor and Audiologist

2010 Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, Specialization in Audiology University of Montreal
1994 M.O.A Speech Therapy and Audiology, Specialization in Audiology University of Montreal
1993 B.Sc. Speech Therapy and Audiology University of Montreal
1988 DSC Health Sciences University of Moncton (St Louis Maillet campus)

Room: RGN 3053
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8668
: 613-562-5428
Work E-mail:

Josée Lagacé


Associate Professor in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program at the University of Ottawa, Josée Lagacé completed her Ph.D. studies in Biomedical Sciences (specialization in Audiology) at the Université de Montréal in 2010. She had previously worked as a clinical audiologist in various settings (hospital, private practice, research) for 17 years. Her main research interests focus on the speech perception in noisy environments, particularly by French-speaking populations. Through her research endeavors, she strives to better understand the underlying causes of difficulties hearing in noisy environments, in order to design more effective and evidence-based evaluation tools, as well as rehabilitation strategies for the populations experiencing these speech perception problems.

While research is a motivating force, she has a great passion for teaching.  As an associate professor, lecturer, clinical and research supervisor, as well as mentor and consultant, Josée Lagacé has helped many students blossom into competent and caring health care professionals.  The ever-growing and changing audiology practice in Canada and the quality of training offered to audiologists are very close to her heart.

Research Interests

  • Behavioural and physiological evaluation of speech perception
  • Causes of auditory processing disorders
  • Effect of background noise on communication and learning
  • Influence of bilingualism on auditory perception of speech

Selected publications 

  • Lagacé, J., Leblanc, L., Noël, A., Boudreau, M. & Bourdages Gauvin, E. Development of normative data for a Canadian French words in noise test and the effect of bilingualism on the performance. 12th Congress of The European Federation of Audiology Societies, Istanbul, Turquie (mai 2015).
  • Lagacé, J., LeBlanc, L., Boisvert, V., Arseneau, M.J., & Breau-Godwin, S. Mise à jour sur le développement du Test de Mots dans le Bruit, Acoustique Canadienne. (2013) 41:65-72.
  • Lagacé, J., Doiron, V., Breau-Godwin, S., & Jutras, B. Exploration de l’effet des variantes linguistiques sur les performances à une épreuve d’écoute dichotique chez deux populations francophones du Canada, Revue canadienne d'orthophonie et d'audiologie. (2013) 37: 206-215.
  • Lagacé, J., Jutras, B., Giguère, C. & Gagné, J.P. Speech perception in noise: exploring the effect of linguistic context in children with and without auditory processing disorder, International Journal of Audiology. (2011) 50:385-395.
  • Lagacé, J., Jutras, B., Giguère, C. & Gagné, J.P. Development of the Test de Phrases dans le Bruit (TPB), Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. (2010) 34:261-270.  


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