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Anne Konkle
Assistant Professor

2003, Ph.D., Psychology, University of Ottawa
1997, B.A., Psychology, University of Ottawa
1993, B.Sc., Biology, University of Ottawa

Room: THN 214
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 3457
Fax: (613) 562-5632
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Anne Konkle


Anne TM Konkle is an assistant professor in the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences since 2009.  She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa (School of Psychology) in behavioural neuroscience.  Dr. Konkle then pursued her postdoctoral training at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (Baltimore, USA), exploring steroidogenesis in the developing brain.  She pursued this training at l'Université de Liège (Liège, Belgium) where her work focused on the regulation of rapid changes in steroidogenic enzyme activity as well as the hormonal control of neurogenesis.  Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, she was a Visiting Scientist at Health Canada (Ottawa, ON) where she explored the neurobehavioural effects of perinatal exposure to environmental contaminant mixtures.

Research Interests

My research interests include sex differences in behaviour, brain development, and disease. The lab's focus is on: 1) neurodevelopment, in particular the role of steroid hormones in sex specific development of brain areas that are and those that are not implicated in adult reproductive behaviour, 2) the role that these steroids might play in sex specific development and 3) their potential for early life neuroprotection. Of particular interest are the effects of environmental exposures (e.g. stress, neurotoxicants, maternal infection) on these steroidogenic systems in the developing brain. 

A related interest is in the potential role of steroid hormones in brain plasticity and consequent behaviour throughout the lifespan.

Selected Publications

  • Konkle ATM,  Balthazart J (May 2011) Sex differences in the control of aromatase activity in the quail preoptic area.  J Neuroendocrinology 23 (5), 424-434
  • Konkle ATM, McCarthy MM (Jan 2011) Developmental time-course of estradiol, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels in discrete regions of the male and female rat brain., Endocrinology, 152 (1), 223-235
  • McNeill K, Keith SE, Feder K, Konkle ATM, Michaud DS (Aug 2010) MP3 player listening habits of 17 to 23 year old university students.  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 128 (2), 646-653
  • Konkle ATM, Kentner AC, Baker SL, Steward A, Bielajew C (Jul 2010)  Environmental-enrichment-related variations in behavioral, biochemical, and physiologic responses of Sprague-Dawley and Long Evans rats.  Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 49 (4), 427-436
  • Zhang JM, Konkle AT, Zup SL, McCarthy MM (Feb 2008) Impact of sex and hormones on new cells in the developing rat hippocampus: a novel source of sex dimorphism?, The European journal of neuroscience, 27 (4), 791-800  
  • Balthazart J, Boseret G, Konkle AT, Hurley LL, Ball GF (Feb 2008) Doublecortin as a marker of adult neuroplasticity in the canary song control nucleus HVC., The European journal of neuroscience, 27 (4), 801-17  
  • Speert DB, Konkle AT, Zup SL, Schwarz JM, Shiroor C, Taylor ME, McCarthy MM (Jul 2007) Focal adhesion kinase and paxillin: novel regulators of brain sexual differentiation?, Endocrinology, 148 (7), 3391-401  
  • Baker SL, Kentner AC, Konkle AT, Santa-Maria Barbagallo L, Bielajew C (Feb 2006) Behavioral and physiological effects of chronic mild stress in female rats., Physiology & behavior, 87 (2), 314-22  
  • Michaud DS, Miller SM, Ferrarotto C, Konkle AT, Keith SE, Campbell KB (2006) Waking levels of salivary biomarkers are altered following sleep in a lab with no further increase associated with simulated night-time noise exposure., Noise & health, 8 (30), 30-9  
  • McCarthy MM, Konkle AT (Sep 2005) When is a sex difference not a sex difference?, Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, 26 (2), 85-102  
  • Konkle AT, Bielajew C (2004) Tracing the neuroanatomical profiles of reward pathways with markers of neuronal activation.,Reviews in the neurosciences, 15 (6), 383-414  
  • Konkle AT, Baker SL, Kentner AC, Barbagallo LS, Merali Z, Bielajew C (Dec 2003) Evaluation of the effects of chronic mild stressors on hedonic and physiological responses: sex and strain compared., Brain research, 992 (2), 227-38  
  • Bielajew C, Konkle AT, Kentner AC, Baker SL, Stewart A, Hutchins AA, Santa-Maria Barbagallo L, Fouriezos G (Dec 2003) Strain and gender specific effects in the forced swim test: effects of previous stress exposure., Stress (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 6 (4), 269-80  
  • Konkle AT, Sreter KB, Baker SL, Bielajew C (Mar 2003) Chronic paroxetine infusion influences macronutrient selection in male Sprague-Dawley rats., Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, 74 (4), 883-90  
  • Bielajew C, Konkle AT, Merali Z (November 2002) The effects of chronic mild stress on male Sprague-Dawley and Long Evans rats: I. Biochemical and physiological analyses, Behavioural Brain Research, 136(2), 583-92 
  • Konkle AT, Bielajew C, Fouriezos G, Thrasher A (Sep 2001) Measuring threshold shifts for brain stimulation reward using the method of limits., Canadian journal of experimental psychology = Revue canadienne de psychologie expérimentale, 55 (3), 253-60  
  • Bielajew C, Konkle AT, Fouriezos G, Boucher-Thrasher A, Schindler D (Aug 2001) The substrate for brain-stimulation reward in the lateral preoptic area: III. Connections to the lateral hypothalamic area., Behavioral neuroscience, 115 (4), 900-9  
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  • Bielajew C, Bushnik T, Konkle AT, Schindler D (Oct 2000) The substrate for brain-stimulation reward in the lateral preoptic area. II. Connections to the ventral tegmental area., Brain research, 881 (2), 112-20  
  • Konkle AT, Kubelka SL, Bielajew C (Jan 2000) The effects of cholecystokinin on stimulation-induced feeding and self-stimulation, Behavioural Brain Research, 107(1-2), 145-52

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