James Gomes


James Gomes
Associate Professor

2001, Postdoctoral fellowship, Molecular epidemiology and cancer, University of Saskatchewan
1999, Ph.D., Environmental Health Middlesex University, UK
1996, M.Sc., Environmental Health, Middlesex University, UK
1981, M.Sc., Inorganic Chemistry, Bombay University, India

Room: THN 210
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 8426
Fax: (613) 562-5632
Work E-mail: jgomes@uOttawa.ca

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Endotox Lab
451 Smyth Road, RGN 2217
Tel: (613) 562-5800, ext. 4930 (labo)

Dr. James Gomes is an associate professor at the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa. He teaches both at the undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research in environmental health. He is affiliated with the Institute of Population Health, Institute of Environment, Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics and supervises graduate students in the Population Health Program, Epidemiology Program, Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Certificate Program in Population Health Risk Assessment. He currently holds the McLaughlin Chair in Environmental Health Risk Assessment and is on the expert panel for Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. He is a scientist with membership of a number of international professional organizations and is the Director of the Endotox Lab, University of Ottawa.

Research Interests

  • Identification and characterization of environmental and occupational health hazards
  • Assessment of environmental and occupational exposures using epidemiology and molecular toxicology and evaluation of risk to disease development
  • Study the role of xenoestrogens on reproductive system ill-health and in hormonal carcinogenesis
  • Study epidemiology, etiology and prevention of environmental and hormonal cancers

Selected Publications

  • Gomes J, Lloyd O, Norman N. The health of the workers at a steel factory in a rapidly developing country: effects of industrial exposure to noise and heat. Occup Med, 2002;52(3):121-128.
  • Wiggle D, Gomes J, Krewski D, Parent M-E. Role of hormones and other factors in human prostate cancer.  J Toxicol Environ Health (Part A) 2008; 11:242-259.
  • Gomes J, O’Reilly P, Gomes J.  Challenges and opportunities in studying ecologic and population health impacts of endocrine toxicants. Journal of Environ Health Res, 2008; 4:53-55.
  • Gomes J, Lloyd O, Revitt DM, Anilal SV.  Oral exposure of male and female mice to formulations of organophosphorous pesticides: congenital malformations. Human and Experimental Toxicol2008; 27:231-240.
  • Hong Z, Smart G, Dawood M, Kaita K, Wen SW, Gomes J, Wu J.  Hepatitis C infection and survival of liver transplant patients in Canada, 1997-2003. Transplantation Proceedings 2008;40(5):1466-1470.
  • Gomes J, Sirjoosingh C.  Diagnostic and prognostic risk factor of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  Prepared for the Public Health Agency of Canada, March 31, 2008.
  • Gomes J, Yasin A.  Environmental risk factors of testicular cancer.  Prepared for the Public Health Agency of Canada, July 25, 2008
  • Gomes J, Lloyd O, Revitt DM, Anilal SV.  Oral exposure of mice to formulations of organophosphorous pesticides: gestational and litter outcomes. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 2009;14(2):125-137.
  • Gomes J, Meek B.  Interactions between occupational and environmental factors in toxicology, hazard evaluation and risk assessment.  General and Applied Toxicology, Ballantine B, Maars TC and Turner P Eds., October 31, 2009.
  • Hong Z, Tisdell C, Wen SW, Cavanaugh J, Simpson C, Gomes J, Wu J.  Economic burden and cost-benefit analysis of urinary tract infections among patients with cardiac operations in Canada 1995-2004. Value in Health 2010;13(1):5-10.
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