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Audrey Giles
Full Professor

2005, Ph.D., Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta
2001, B.A, Psychology, Queen's University
2001, BPHE, Queen's University

Room: MNT 334
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 2988
Work E-mail:

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Audrey is an applied cultural anthropologist who conducts research with Aboriginal communities – primarily in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic.  Her research has three main foci: i) injury prevention (particularly drowning prevention in the Canadian North); and ii) health promotion (particularly Aboriginal people’s engagement in physical activity, with a particular emphasis on gender, and the cultural adaptation of resources); iii) sport for development in Aboriginal communities. Audrey is proud to have been the Principal Investigator on four Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grants (two Standard Research Grant and two Insight grant) and has been the Co-Investigator on two other SSHRCs (Standard Research grant, Insight Development Grant). She has also received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada (with the Canadian Red Cross Society), Transport Canada (with the NWT Recreation and Parks Association), Health Canada (with the Municipality of Pangnirtung, Nunavut), and has completed contracts with the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, Cancer Care Ontario, and PHE Canada. She has authored over 100 journal articles and over 20 book chapters. Her edited book (with Janice Forsyth), Aboriginal peoples in Canada: Historical perspectives and contemporary issues, was the co-recipient of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport’s Best Edited Collection Award. Audrey’s past and current undergraduate and graduate students, members of “Team Giles,” are simply superstars! They have won many prestigious awards and scholarships, including some of the biggest in Canada.


Supervisory privileges in Human Kinetics, Feminist and Gender Studies, and Population Health

Research Interests

Applied anthropology; qualitative research; Aboriginal peoples’ involvement in physical activity; drowning prevention; Arctic; Sub-Arctic;

Ongoing Research

2015 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant
“Natural resource development, privatized aid, and sport for development: A comparison of Canada and Australia” (PI: Audrey Giles; Co-I: Lyndsay Hayhurst; Collaborators: Steven Rynne and Anthony Rossi)
Amount Awarded: $211,146
2014 Dept. of Transportation’s Boating Safety Contribution Program Grant
“Understanding and Addressing Males’ Boating Safety Practices in the Northwest Territories” (PIs: Audrey Giles and Geoffrey Ray)
Amount Awarded: $84,697


Selected Publications

  • Darroch, F. E., Giles, A. R., & McGettigan-Dumas, R. (in press). Elite female distance runners and advice during pregnancy: Sources, content, and trust. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal.
  • Brooks-Cleator, L., & Giles, A. R. (in press). Physical activity policy for older adults in the Northwest Territories, Canada: Gaps and opportunities for gains. Arctic.
  • Gartner-Manzon, S., & Giles, A. R. (in press). Lasting impacts of an Aboriginal youth leadership retreat? A case study of Alberta’s Future Leaders Program.Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.
  • Giles, A. R., Phillips, B., Darroch, F. E., McGettigan-Dumas, R. (in press). Breastfeeding and elite female distance runners: A qualitative study. Journal of Human Lactation.
  • Jull, J., Giles, A., Boyer, Y., Stacey, D., Minwaashin Lodge - The Aboriginal Women’s Support Centre. (in press). Building and enacting ethical research processes: The example of culturally adapting a decision making strategy. ACME Journal.
  • Darroch, F. E., & Giles, A. R. (2016). A discourse analysis of urban Aboriginal women’s description of pregnancy-related weight gain and physical activity.  Women and Birth, 29(1), e23-32.
  • Gardam, K., & Giles, A. R. (2016). Media representations of policies concerning education access and their roles in seven First Nations students’ deaths in northern Ontario. International Indigenous Policy Journal, 7(1)
  • Hayhurst, L. M., Giles, A. R., & Wright, J. (2016). Biopedagogies and Indigenous knowledge: Examining sport for development and peace for Indigenous urban young women in Canada and Australia. Sport, Education, & Society, 21(4), 549-569.
  • Manzon-Gartner, S., & Giles, A. R. (2016). A case study of the lasting impacts of employment in a development through sport, recreation, and the arts program for Aboriginal youth. Sport in Society, 19(2).
  • Rovito, A., & Giles, A. R.  (2016). Outside Looking In: Resisting colonial discourses of Aboriginality. Leisure Sciences, 38(1).
  • Aylward, E., Abu-Zahra, & Giles, A. R. (2015). Mobility and Nunavut Inuit youth: Lessons from Northern Youth Abroad. Journal of Youth Studies, 18(5).
  • Hayhurst, L. M. C., Giles, A. R., & Radforth, W. (2015). “I want to come here to prove them wrong”: Examining a sport, gender and development program for urban Indigenous young women in Vancouver, Canada. Sport in Society. doi:10.1080/17430437.2014.997585
  • Giles, A. R., Hognestad, S., & Brooks-Cleator, L. A. (2015). The need for cultural safety in injury prevention. Public Health Nursing, 32(5), 543-549.
  • Rich, K., & Giles, A. R. (2015). Managing diversity to provide culturally safe sport programming: A case study of the Canadian Red Cross’ Swim Program. Journal of Sport Management, 29(3).
  • Darroch, F. E., & Giles, A. R. (2015). Health/service providers’ perspectives of barriers to healthy weight gain and physical activity in pregnant, urban First Nations women. Qualitative Health Research. pii: 1049732315576497 (eprint).
  • Darroch, F. E. & Giles, A. R. (2014). Decolonizing health research: Community-based participatory  research and postcolonial feminist theory. Canadian Journal of Action Research, 15(3), 22-36.
  • Giles, A. R., Stadig, G. S., Darroch, F. E., Lynch, M., Doucette Issaluk, M., & the Municipality of Pangnirtung. (2014). Using a public health approach to understand “skipping” snowmobiles in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada. International Journal of Aquatics Research and Education, 8, 351 – 367.
  • Giles, A. R. (2014). Commentary: Making the case for increased funding for social             sciences and humanities research in northern Canada. Polar Record, 2,  215 – 218.
  • Giles, A. R., Brooks Cleator, L., McGuire-Adams, T., & Darroch, F. (2014). Drowning in the social determinants of health: Understanding policy’s role in high rates of drowning in Aboriginal communities in Canada. Aboriginal Policy Studies, 3(1-2), 198-213.
  • Giles, A. R., & Darroch, F. E. (2014). The need for culturally safe physical activity promotion and programs. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 105(4): e317-e319
  • Conferences and Presentations (10 maximum)/   Les conférences et présentations (10 maximum) Giles, A. R., & Glass, C. T. R. (2015, Oct.). Adapting boat safety training and content. NWT Recreation and Parks Association Conference, Fort Simpson, NWT.
  • Giles, A. R., & Glass, C. T. R. (2015, Sept; Invited presentation). Boat safety in the Northwest Territories. Canadian Safe Boating Council Symposium, Halifax, Canada.
  • Giles, A. R., Darroch, F. E., McGettigan-Dumas, R. (2015, June). Elite female distance runners and pregnancy advice: Sources, content, and trust. International Sport Sociology Association, Paris, France.
  • Giles, A. R. (2015, June). Acknowledging gender in sport for development programs in/with Aboriginal communities in Canada. Workshop on Girlhood, International Development, and Sport, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Giles, A. R. (2015, April; Invited presentation). Drowning, culture, and colonialism: A critical examination of water-related fatalities in the NWT and Nunavut.  Arctic Circle Monthly Lecture Series, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Bougie, E., Giles, A. R., & Kohen, D. (2015, March). Unintentional injuries among First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children in Canada: Research highlights and implications for communities (poster). International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Giles, A. R. (invited keynote)(2015, March). Looking beyond the tip of the iceberg: Injury, gender, and colonialism in the Canadian North. Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life Conference, Pocatello, Idaho, USA.
  • Jull, J., Giles, A. R. , Minwaashin Lodge, Boyer, Y., Stacey, D. (2014, Nov.). Cultural adaptation of a shared decision making tool with Aboriginal women: A qualitative study. (poster) Indigenous Health Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Giles, A. R. (2014). The need for Aboriginal self-determination in youth development through sport and recreation. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Giles, A. R., Darroch, F. E., & Brooks-Cleator, L. (2014, May). Cultural safety in health promotion in Canada’s North. International Congress on Arctic Social Sciences. Prince George, Canada.
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