Wendy Gifford


Wendy Gifford
Associate Professor

Associate co-Director, Nursing Best Practice Research Center (NBPRC)

Room: RGN 1118 J
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8975
Work E-mail: wgifford@uottawa.ca

Wendy Gifford


Dr. Wendy Gifford is an Associate Professor at University of Ottawa School of Nursing and Co-Director of the Nursing Best Practice Research Center Ottawa site.

Her program of research focuses on leadership and knowledge mobilization/translation, specifically leadership for the implementation of best practices to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes. She has received funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) to develop research with an international team of researchers and to conduct a systematic review of managerial leadership for implementing research based practice. She is co-leading a study (funded by Canadian Cancer Society) to understand Aboriginal peoples' experiences with cancer, and has recently received funding to pilot a leadership intervention in Long Term Care for falls prevention. She has international collaborations in Sweden, China and Australia and is currently exploring leadership in China for supporting nurses' use of research evidence in practice.

Dr. Gifford teaches Graduate courses on Knowledge and Theory Development; Knowledge Mobilization; and Research Methods; and has taught undergraduate courses on Introduction to Nursing Science; and Nursing Ethics.

Prior to academia, Dr. Gifford had an extensive clinical nursing career that included Outpost Nursing in Northern Aboriginal Communities, and Critical Care Nursing in Intensive Care and Emergency Departments.


Research Interests

  • Leadership and Management
  • Knowledge translation
  • Implementation science
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Community health care
  • Audit and feedback
  • Managerial evidence-informed decision making


Selected Publications

  • Gifford, W., Davies, B., Egan, M., Rowan, M., Lefebre, N. Brehaut, J. "Understanding audit and feedback to support falls prevention and pain management in home health care settings" Home Health Care Management & Practice (On-line first August 19 2015)
  • Brosseau L., Toupin-April K., Wells G.A., Smith C., Pugh A., Rahman P., Cavallo S., Stinson J., Moher, D, Gifford W., Marcotte R., Taki J., Loew L., De Angelis G., Duffy C., Coda A,, Hendry G., Gauvreau J., Hayles M., Hayles K., Feldman D., Majnemer A., Gagnon I., Maltais D., Mathieu M.E., Kenny G.P., Tupper S., Martini R., Bigford S. Ottawa Panel Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for foot care in the Management of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (In Press, accepted Sept 21, 2015).
  • Andersson, A. E., Gifford, W., Nilsson, K., "Improving Care in Surgery – A Qualitative study of Managers' Experiences of Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in the Operating Room" Journal of Hospital Administration, 4(4), 73-83, 2015.
  • Thomas, R., Gifford, W., Poudrier, J., Scott, T., Brooks, C., Hamilton, R., Morrison, T., Warner, D., & Hammond, C. "First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women's experiences of cancer survivorship: Protocol for the National Picture Project", International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 14(1), 98-120, 2015.
  • Gifford, W.A., Holyoke, P., Squires, J., Angus, D., Brosseau, L., Egan, M., Graham, I.D., Miller, C., Wallin, L., "Managerial leadership for research use in nursing and allied health care professions: A narrative synthesis protocol", Systematic Reviews, 3(57), 1-7, 2014.
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  • Ploeg, J., Markle-Reid, M., Davies, B., Higuchi, K., Gifford, W., Bajnok, I., McConnell, H., Plenderleith, J., Foster, S., Bookey-Bassett, S. "Spreading and sustaining best practices for home care of older adults: a grounded theory study", Implementation Science, 9(162), 1-17, 2014.
  • Gifford, W.A., Graham, I.D., Davies, B.L., "Multi-level barriers analysis to promote guideline based nursing care: a leadership strategy from home health care", Journal of Nursing Management, 21(5), 762-770, 2013.
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  • Gifford, W., Davies, B., Graham, ID, Tourangeau, A., Woodend, K., Lefebre, N., "Developing Leadership Capacity for Guideline Use: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Control Trial", Worldviews on evidence-based nursing, 10(1), 51-65, 2012
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