Pauline Darling


Pauline Darling
Assistant Professor

1997 Ph.D. Sciences de la nutrition Université de Toronto
1986 M.Sc. Nutrition Université de Montréal
1981 B.Sc. Specialisé Biochimie-Nutrition Université d’Ottawa

Room: RGN 3253
Telephone: (613) 562-5800 ext. 8441
Work E-mail:

Pauline Darling


Pauline Darling completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry-Nutrition at the University of Ottawa, her MSc at the Universite de Montreal and her PhD in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. She completed her clinical dietetic training at Kingston General Hospital. Prior to joining the faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, she served as Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetic Research, and Associate Scientist Keenan Research Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St Michael’s Hospital and is Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. In this capacity she directed the Combined MSc-Dietetic Internship program aimed at enhancing research training of dietitians. She has supervised 10 graduate students and 65 dietetic interns. Dr Darling is a registered dietitian and is a member of Dietitians of Canada, the American Nutrition Society, the Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians, the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) and serves on the Advisory Council of the Canadian Nutrition Society. Her current research interests in clinical nutrition include dietary intake and the nutritional modulation of phosphorus, homocysteine and other uremic retention solutes in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Research Interests

  • Influence of dietary protein and fiber intakes on uremic retention solutes in patients with chronic kidney disease.
  • Contribution of food additives to the phosphorus and potassium content of packaged meat, poultry and fish products.
  • Malnutrition screening and nutritional status of patients with cancer.
  • Evaluation of therapeutic nutrition education programs.


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