Fall 2019 Convocation Ceremony: Honored to have one of our students, Anna Ly-Kirkwood, deliver the Valedictorian Speech.

Posted on Friday, December 13, 2019

Image of Anna Ly-Kirkwood

We were proud to hear the inspiring farewell speech of this year’s valedictorian by Anna Ly-Kirkwood, a graduate of the School of Nutritional Sciences, at the graduation ceremony held on November 1, 2019. She expressed that she was "very honoured to have the School of Nutritional Sciences shine tonight, a small school among a large faculty but whose ambition is nothing but small".

Throughout her Honours Bachelor in Nutritional Sciences, Anna has distinguished herself through her leadership, organizational and diplomatic skills. True to her nature, she revealed in her speech her own vulnerability and authenticity with a refined touch.

During the past 4 years, she made a positive impact by mentoring students, stimulating others to become mentors, and winning the CIBC Mentoring Award thanks to her open-mindedness and unifying spirit. As a class representative of the Association of Nutrition Students (ADÉNUT) and Vice-President of Marketing for the Right To Play Service Club uOttawa, she was an outstanding communicator who improved many aspects of the program, and acted as a bridge between students and the faculty.

She has also had the opportunity to do her practicum in the Yukon and made a presentation to her peer about her experience to encourage them to broaden their horizons.

She is grateful for the sacrifices and support of the University of Ottawa's family and community, for "allowing us to dream and be who we are today during this pivotal time in our lives.” She concluded, “I am fortunate to have received a quality education, and to have had many opportunities to make my voice heard and take my place.”

We wish her the best of luck in her career as a Registered Dietitian in the Yukon, where she has now settled, and also volunteers as a firefighter, with the vision and passion that characterizes her so well.


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