The School of Nursing Aboriginal Students Recruitment and Retention Initiative

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Eager to recognize and respect diversity among its student population, the Collaborative BScN Program at the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing (Faculty of Health Sciences) strives to provide a supportive learning environment for First Nations, Métis and Inuit learners. The School of Nursing focuses on ensuring that Aboriginal students achieve success and fulfillment as nursing professionals. 

The uOttawa Aboriginal Resource Centre also works closely with the School of Nursing and all Aboriginal students to meet their specific needs. This ensures in more meaningful ways that students have the best possible support network and all the encouragement they need to achieve their highest academic potential. 

Applying as an Aboriginal student

When applying to the uOttawa nursing program, you submit your application to the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website, and you indicate that you would like to apply as an Aboriginal candidate, making sure to provide the following additional documentation:

  • A letter declaring your Aboriginal ancestry and providing specific information about First Nation, Treaty, community or organizational affiliation. The letter should expand on your academic and personal background, as well as explain your connection to an Aboriginal community and your reasons for wanting to become a registered nurse.
  • A letter of reference from the First Nation, band council, tribal council, treaty authorities or community or organizational affiliates.
  • Proof of Aboriginal ancestry. This proof can appear as a:

    - Copy of Certificate of Indian Status;
    - Copy of Certificate of Indian Status of mother or father;
    - Letter from home community's band council confirming membership;
    - Copy of Metis Nation card;
    - Copy of Inuit Beneficiary Card;
    - Letter from Aboriginal and Northern Affairs confirming Indian Status (For Bill C-3 applicants).

    In the absence of any of the above, a letter from the applicant, explaining their ancestry and why the submission of one of the above documents is impossible, is acceptable.


To learn more about the University of Ottawa's nursing program, as well as student services, funding opportunities and Aboriginal organizations in the Ottawa region, set time aside for the following:

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