Research at the School of Nursing covers a broad spectrum of topics, including critical thinking on health care approaches and training, community-level health interventions, the decision-making process and the patient-family experience in palliative care situations. Possibilities in line with recommendations of the Canadian Nurses Association are intended to focus on community health and geriatrics. 

Research Centre & Units

Research Centre

Centre for Research on Health and Nursing
A partnership between the University of Ottawa, School of Nursing, and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

Research Units

The Patient Decision Aids research group
Part of the Ottawa Health Decision Centre (OHDeC) at the Ottawa Health Research Institute.

Nursing History Research Unit
Opened in June 2005 this is the first funded academic unit in Canada dedicated to the production and dissemination of new knowledge in Canadian nursing history.

Nursing Palliative Care Research Unit - NPCRU
Established in 2009 to provide leadership, mentorship and support for professors and graduate students pursuing excellence in palliative care research and education.

Research Chairs

University Research Chair in Forensic Nursing
Dave Holmes

The Marie Des Anges Loyer-DaSilva Research Chair in Community and Public Health Nursing
Wendy Gifford

Chair in Nursing Care of Children, Youth and Families

University Research Chair in Knowledge Translation to Patients
Dawn Stacey

The University Research Chair in Health Evidence Implementation
Janet Squires

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network Chair in Public Health and HIV prevention
Patrick O’Byrne

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network Chair in Black Women’s HIV Prevention
Josephine Etowa

Chaire de recherche sur la francophonie canadienne en santé
Marie-Claude Thifault


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