Ryan Graham, Associate Professor in the School of Human Kinetics is awarded the University Research Chair in Biomechanics and Data Science for Human Health and Performance.

Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2020

The global objective of Ryan’s research program is to merge biomechanics and data science to optimize human health and performance in clinical settings, workplaces, sport, and activities of daily living.  

Through key academic, clinical, and industrial research collaborations along with technology and business partnerships, Ryan and his team’s work will be aimed at:

  • improving the fundamental understanding of musculoskeletal injury mechanisms and the ability to model and predict them; 
  • creating smarter objective data-driven decision making and assessment tools and technologies for use by clinicians, sport organizations, and the military;
  • creating opportunities for trainees to be actively involved in the commercialization of products and the development of spin-off companies based on their novel research.

The purpose of the University Research Chair is to recognize researchers with outstanding and sustained accomplishments in research, or those who demonstrate initial, significant achievements with exceptional future promise, while maintaining a solid teaching record.

Congratulations to Ryan Graham on this important achievement!

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