Passing of Terry Orlick

Posted on Monday, August 23, 2021

Photo of Terry Orlick

Dr. Terry Orlick passed away last Tuesday, August 17th. This moving tribute to Dr. Orlick is a testament of what an amazing person Terry was, and the incredible contributions he made as a person, as an academic, a practitioner and a “popular lecturer, speaker, advocate, consultant and champion for enhancing the quality of life and performance for many people across the globe.” Terry began his career at the University of Ottawa in July 1973 and retired on September 1st, 2017. During this time Terry was instrumental in the development of the Intervention and Consultation program that is currently one of the most renowned programs in the world. It is also the only sport psychology program in Canada that fully prepares students to be recognized as mental performance consultants (MPC) by the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Terry was loved by his students and inspired them to take up the pursuit of excellence whether in their professional or personal lives. Terry was truly a remarkable person and he will be greatly missed.

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