Janet Squires, Full Professor in the School of Nursing and University Research Chair in Health Evidence Implementation, was selected for the 2020 University of Ottawa Early Career Researcher of the Year Award, Pure and Applied Sciences.

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dr. Squires’ research program aims to increase research use by healthcare professionals in clinical practice to improve healthcare quality, patient outcomes, and the sustainability of healthcare systems. Her efforts are critically important to enhance optimal use of research evidence in healthcare settings, by supporting implementation of new practices, as well as reduce the use of existing ones that may add little value or are harmful.

Dr. Squires has built a solid and enviable international reputation and has rapidly become a leader in the applied science of Knowledge Translation as well as being considered a global expert in the role of context in implementation science. Her research contributions are rapidly moving the boundaries of our knowledge of organizational context in health care, an important topic for shaping policies and the research agenda on healthcare services across the country and around the globe.

The Early Career Researcher of the Year Award is presented annually to faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to research at the University of Ottawa.

The official announcement for the award can be found here: Research

Congratulations to Dr. Janet Squires on this prestigious award!

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