Mentoring Centre of the Faculty of Health Sciences

We support undergraduate students in their studies and academic life. We help them thrive as University of Ottawa students. If you are looking for ways to achieve your full potential, to learn new study techniques, to network with your peers or if you want to know the secrets to academic success, come see us. All services are free of charge!

Are you a graduate student? If so, visit the Graduate Studies Mentoring Centre.

The Mentors of the Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Are accomplished students who serve as role models and represent an important source of information and guidance.
  • Take advantage of campus supports and help fellow students tap into these resources.
  • Facilitate study groups, help you learn theory and concepts. They are not tutors or Teaching Assistants.
  • Are available during office hours to offer additional support to fellow students.
The mentors

Jifang Xu- Mentor 2020

Jifang Xu


Program: Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Year of study: 3

Languages spoken: French, English, Chinese Mandarin

Useful tip for students: Figure out how you learn best for each class, learn actively and use the resources.

Study groups

Mentoring Centre activities have all moved online!

Study groups are specific to individual courses. The mentors are there as facilitators to guide the discussion while reviewing important concepts, theories and material seen in class. 

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Study group schedule

Spring/Summer 2021

Study Group Mentor
ANP1107 Jifang
ANP1507 Jifang
PHA3112 Jifang
PHA3512 Jifang
PHS4300 Jifang
PHS4700 Jifang


Office Hours | Individual mentoring sessions

Want to improve your study skills? Individual consultations are a good way to improve topics such as:

  • Study techniques
  • Exam preparation
  • Memorization
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • and much much more...

Examples of questions/subjects asked by the students:

  • How can I increase my grade point average?
  • How do I improve my study skills?
  • Where can I find a specific service on campus?
  • What do I need to include in a weekly calendar?
  • How can I find work-life balance?

By appointment

Reserve a half hour meeting with a mentor.

You can book directly through Microsoft Bookings or you can chat with a mentor on the Academic GPS.



MS Teams workshops! 

Please visit the Academic GPS for all workshops available this summer!


More to come in Fall 2021!

Contact us

* All of our services will be offered virtually until further notice. See the Academic GPS for details *

Book a virtual appointment with a mentor through Microsoft Bookings.

Email us directly:

Mentorat HSS Mentoring


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