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Dr. Linda Garcia

Dr. Linda Garcia

Dr. Linda Garcia is a Professor in the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences and Founding Director of the Life Research Institute (LRI) at the University of Ottawa. Her personal research interests focus on the impact of physical, social, technological and clinical environments on the quality of life of individuals with neurological disorders, especially dementia. She is interested in developing interventions that include approaches based on human interactions, especially in long-term care living environments. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa in 1993, she worked for over 10 years in a large teaching hospital as a Speech-Language Pathologist. After completing her PhD with Dr. Yves Joanette, and helping found the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program, she created the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences and became its first Director in 2010, prior to becoming Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences from 2014 to 2017.

Kathryn Ohashi is a project manager with the LIFE Research Institute (LRI) at the University of Ottawa. She brings over 15 years of project management and finance management experience in the not-for-profit sector. Prior to joining the research institute, she worked for 10 years in a Sector Council in Occupational Standards and training for the Early Learning and Childcare sector. Her past experience includes work in the telecommunications sector in wireless and satellite technology. She completed an MBA at McGill University with a major in International Business, with a Diploma in Asian Studies in 1991 and work at Panasonic Television in Osaka, Japan. Kathryn became a Project Manager Professional (PMP) in 2013.


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Below is a list of the current members of the LRI.

Name   Faculty
Altossar Illimar Medicine
Backman Chantal Health Sciences
Baddour Natalie Engineering
Barriault Louis  Science
Beaulé Paul Medicine
Bolic Miodrag Engineering
Bordenave Nicolas Health Sciences
Bouchard Martin Engineering
Boulanger Frederic Macadamian Tech.
Boutet Isabelle Social Sciences
Brand Marjorie Medicine
Campbell Mark Medicine
Cressman Erin Health Sciences
Crick Michelle Health Sciences
Devlin Rose Anne Social Sciences
Dilworth Jeffrey Medicine
Donia Magda Management
Doumit Marc Engineering
Dumas Alexandre Health Sciences
El Saddik Abdulmotaleb Engineering
Fallavollita Pascal Health Sciences
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Health sciences
Flowers Heather Health Sciences
Fontaine-Bisson Bénédicte Health Sciences
Fraser Sarah Health Sciences
Gaudet Stéphanie Social Sciences
Gomes James Health Sciences
Grudniewicz Agnes Management
Guitard Paulette Health Sciences
Hammami Riadh Health Sciences
Ismail Nafissa Social Sciences
Jaana Mirou Management
Jaskiewicz Peter Management
Jelley Thomas SODEXO
Jrade Ahmad Engineering
Jutai Jeffrey Health Sciences
Kanji Salmaan Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Kuziemsky Craig Management
Lagacé Martine Arts
Lamontagne Mario Health Sciences
Lemaire Edward Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Martini Rose Health sciences
Mayhew Wendy Wise - Seniors in Business (an initiative of Business Launch Solutions)
McMurtry Angus Education
McPherson Christine Health Sciences
Michalowski Wojtek Management
Molnar Frank Medicine
Mulvey Michael Management
Munoz-Liceras Juana Arts
Park Jeongwon Engineering
Peyton Liam Engineering
Phillips J. Craig Health Sciences
Pottie Kevin Medicine
Reissing Elke Arts
Robitaille Annie Arts
Spinello Davide Engineering
Squires Janet University of Ottawa/Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Stanford William Science OHRI
Steffener Jason Health Sciences
Stinchcombe Arne Social Sciences
St-Pierre Jean-Philippe Engineering
Taylor Maurice Education
Tesson Frederique Health Sciences
Tsang Benjamin Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa
Vallely Anne Arts
Yazbeck Myra Social Sciences
Young Bradley Health Sciences
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