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BEAUREGARD, Nancy, B.Sc. (Montréal), M.Sc. (Montréal), Ph. D (Ottawa)

The profile is available from the French website.

BISAILLON, Laura, B.A. (Bishop’s), CEP (Strasbourg III), M.U.P. (McGill), Ph. D (Ottawa)
I am Assistant Professor in Health Studies of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto Scarborough. My graduate cross-appointment is at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health of the University of Toronto. My research centers on: HIV/AIDS, Horn of Africa, immigration medical practices, law and socio-legal studies, migration and health, social organization and production of knowledge, and urban studies. My teaching focus is as follows: critical qualitative methods, global health, health and social policy, infections disease, research for social change, and sociology of health and illness.

COHEN, Deborah, BSc. (Queen's), MA (Carleton), PhD (Ottawa) 
Deborah is currently a Senior Researcher at the Canadian Institute for Health Information with the Canadian Population Health Initiative. She is also a post-doctoral fellow with the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation with the University of Toronto.  She conducted her PhD work using large administrative health datasets at the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences.   Deborah's research is focused on the intersection between population health and health system performance through the lens of the Triple Aim Framework. She is presently undertaking projects with a focus on dynamic modeling of care trajectories for patients complex needs, real world applications of population-needs based planning and care delivery, and factors predicting Canada's declining trends international health system performance.

CONNOR GORBER, Sarah K., B.A.H. (Queen's), M.A. (Dalhousie), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Sarah is currently working as the Scientific Advisor with the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care at the Public Health Agency of Canada.  She is responsible for managing and providing scientific input into the evidence review and guideline development process. Prior to this she worked as the Chief of the Health Measures Analysis Section at Statistics Canada where she was responsible for the research and analysis program for the Canadian Health Measures Survey. Sarah has been working in health research in the public service for the last 16 years. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Queen’s University, a Master’s degree from Dalhousie University and she completed her PhD in population health at the University of Ottawa in 2009. Her research interests include health measurement, obesity, and guideline development and she has a particular interest in studying the relationship between reported and measured health outcomes. 

DAHROUGE, Simone, B.Sc.(McGill), M.Sc.(McGill), M.Sc.(Ottawa), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Simone Dahrouge, PhD, is a scientist and director for the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre within the Bruyère Research Institute. She is assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, Department of Family Medicine, and adjunct scientist with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. Mrs. Dahrouge has a master's degree in Epidemiology (2003) and a PhD in Population Health (2011) from the University of Ottawa. She holds a five-year CIHR New Investigator Salary Award, and is currently a principal investigator on over $5 Million CIHR funds. Her current research focuses on organizational factors related to primary health care quality and equity. Mrs. Dahrouge’s main interest is in understanding how primary care can be organized to optimize the delivery of primary health care services. She hopes that her work will inform future policy recommendations on organizing primary care.

DINH, Ngoc-Thy Vu, B.HSc (McMaster), M.Sc (Queen’s), Ph.D (Ottawa)
Thy Dinh is the Associate Director of Health Economics within the Public Policy division at the Conference Board of Canada (an Ottawa-based think tank). The majority of her research falls under the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC) which is an initiative that aims to provide Canadian business leaders and policy-makers with insightful, forward-looking, quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the Canadian health care system and all of its facets. At the Conference Board Thy has led the research on the health and economic impact of interprofessional primary care teams and the health economics of healthy active living. She was elected President of the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CSEB) for 2014-16. Thy has been a part-time professor in the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa since 2010. In 2014, Thy defended her PhD dissertation on the cost-effectiveness of screening mammography programs in Canada. Contact Thy at

DUBOIS, Alejandra, RD, B Sc (Universidad de Buenos Aires), M. Sc. (Montreal), DEPA santé publique (Montreal), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Alejandra is a registered dietitian and a postdoctoral fellow at the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre, Bruyère Research Institute since January 2014. She is working with Simone Dahrouge and her team on organizational factors having an impact on quality of primary health care. Dr. Dubois completed her PhD in 2013. Her dissertation was on intersectoral action in health, based on cases studies she conducted in Quebec. She is also a part time professor at the University of Ottawa since 2010 (Nursing and Nutrition Schools), specializing in distance education. Member of the Ottawa Food Policy Council, she volunteers at school councils of our local schools, adding her contribution in building a healthy food environment for kids and youth, trough intersectoral collaboration with school management and staff, school boards, food service companies, public health services, municipal actors and a variety of community organizations. Alejandra can be contacted via

DYKE, Elizabeth, BA (Honours) (Alberta), MA (Dalhousie), Ph.D (Ottawa)
Elizabeth Dyke is a health consultant, working with governments, NGOs, and universities in a broad range of areas, including health care, primary care, chronic disease prevention, and the social determinants of health. Her consulting work includes evaluation, research, writing, and facilitation services. Prior to becoming a consultant, she held a number of senior management roles, including Director of the Canadian Population Health Initiative at the Canadian Institute for Health Information, and Director of the Health Charities of Canada (a coalition of 53 Canadian health charities). Elizabeth successfully defended her PhD in August 2013. Her dissertation focused on international NGOs working in HIV/AIDS and issues of health equity. Her data collection took place mainly in Kenya, as well as Canada and the United States. Elizabeth can be reached at

EDJOC, Rj, B.Sc. (Ottawa), M.Sc/Beh. NeuroScience Spec. (Ottawa/Carleton), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Dr. Rj Edjoc completed his PhD in 2012. His doctoral work examined the process and benefits of smoking cessation in patients with cerebrovascular disease through a comprehensive research program. He is currently a consulting epidemiologist at the Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis (DGMPRA) section at the Department of National Defense. In this capacity he is examining the interaction between Military and Civilian personnel and how it relates to performance, retention in the armed forces, relationship quality and overall health of employees.

FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth, B.E.S. (Laval), M.Sc. (McGill), Ph. D (Ottawa)
After completing her Ph.D. in 2007, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick joined the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, where she is an associate professor in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program.  Her academic work includes the development of a new graduate Diploma in Auditory-Verbal Studies.   Her research program continues to build on her doctoral studies and includes a project examining the outcomes of mild bilateral and unilateral hearing loss in children, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research  (CIHR) as well as cochlear implant outcomes research.  Elizabeth received a CIHR New Investigator Award in 2009 and a Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist enhancement program award in 2010.

GHOSH, Hasu (BSc Hons (Calcutta University, India), MSc (Visva-Bharati University, India), MA(Carleton), HSPR Diploma (Ottawa), PhD (Ottawa)
Hasu Ghosh earned her PhD in population health in the year 2013. Following her PhD, Hasu completed one year CIHR-Strategic initiative funded IMPART (Intersections of Mental Health Perspectives in Addiction Research) Post-Doctoral Fellowship jointly offered by IMPART and the University of Ottawa. Currently she is a sessional lecturer with Carleton University's Dept of Sociology/ Anthropology. Additionally, she teaches on-line courses as an Adjunct Professor of Dept of Public Health, Concordia University College of Alberta. Hasu's research and teaching interests lie primarily within the fields of population and public health; and span the areas of Aboriginal and minority health, social contexts of health seeking behaviour and health care access, health inequities, qualitative and community-based research methodologies including narrative and intersectional analysis.

HAMEL, Nadia, BScInf (Laval), MSc (Montréal), Diplôme en recherche sur les services et les politiques en matière de santé (Ottawa), PhD (Ottawa)
Nadia works at Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Currently diplomat in Tanzania, she has the sector lead responsibility for all health and HIV/AIDS programming, including policy dialogue with the government and the donors community. Before that, she was the manager for immunization and nutrition programming with multilateral institutions and for Canada’s G8 bilateral commitments to improve health systems as well as maternal and newborn health in Africa. She was also on the steering committee for Canada’s Global Health Research Initiative. Her research interests include health equity issues, knowledge exchange and linkages, knowledge translation strategies and organizational capacity to use research in developing countries. Nadia can be contacted via LinkedIn/nadiahamel.

HOGAN-GOW, Vicky, B.Sc. (Manitoba), M.Sc. (Ottawa), Cert. (Ottawa), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Currently employed in the Marketed Health Products Directorate in Health Canada where she is the Director of the Office of Risk Management and Science. In this role, Vicky is responsible for the development and prioritization of the science and research agenda in the area of pharmacovigilance and post-market surveillance and manages several key projects related to the risk assessment and real-world safety and effectiveness of drugs and health products marketed in Canada. The need to ensure that drugs consumed by Canadians are safe and effective is a significant population health issue here is Canada given the fact that prescription drugs are currently the number two cost driver in the Canadian health care system and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among Canadians.

JOHNSTON, Jennifer Cyne, B.Sc. (McGill), M.Sc. (Dalhousie), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Cyne Johnston is employed as the Manager of Knowledge Translation and Evaluation within Healthy Children and Families, Alberta Health Services. She also holds an adjunct appointment within the Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary. Cyne is responsible for leading and providing direction for provincial evaluation and KT projects within the provinces' Healthy Children and Families, Population, Public, and Aboriginal Health Portfolio. Her research and evaluation interests can be separated into three distinct but overlapping areas: 1) the evaluation of population health interventions designed to improve maternal and child health, 2) systematic reviews for improving evidence-based practice, 3) patient and parent decision aids.

JULL, Janet, BScOT (University of Western Ontario), MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Ottawa)
Janet Jull is trained as an occupational therapist, and has worked in clinical positions throughout Canada; she has also worked in a range of health policy and management positions. She has a degree in occupational therapy from the University of Western Ontario, a Master's degree from Dalhousie University, and PhD from the University of Ottawa Population Health program. During her PhD program she also obtained a diploma in Health Services and Policy Research at the University of Ottawa. Janet's PhD research explored the health decision making needs of urban Aboriginal women and culturally adapted the Ottawa Personal Decision Guide with these women. Janet is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the Bruyère Research Institute and University of Ottawa with Dr.’s Peter Tugwell and Vivian Welch, and is focused on research methods to promote health equity with a particular focus on cluster randomized control trials.

LÉGARÉ, France, B.Arch (Laval), MD (Laval), M.Sc. (Laval), Ph. D (Ottawa)
France Légaré is a family health practitioner in Québec since 1990. She is full Professor with the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Laval University. In 2005, she got a new clinical scientist from the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ) for her research program. Since June 1, 2006 she holds a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Implementation of Shared Decision Making in Primary Care. Since 1999, she has led a Cochrane site in Québec, this contribution to the Cochrane Collaboration led to the creation of a Branch in 2013. Her research program aims to provide healthcare professionals and patients with the tools for optimal healthcare decisions.

MUTHURI, Stella, B.Sc.(Honours) (Concordia), M.Sc.(Concordia), Ph.D.(Ottawa)
Dr. Stella Muthuri is a Post-doctoral fellow in the African Population and Health Research Center’s (APHRC’s) Population Dynamics and Reproductive Health Research Program. Stella holds a PhD in Population Health from the University of Ottawa (Canada), a Master of Science degree from Concordia University (Canada), and a Bachelor of Science Honours degree from Concordia University (Canada). Stella has previously served as a research project manager for the Champlain Community Heart Health Survey (the Ottawa chapter of the PURE International Study), and the International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and Environment in Kenya (ISCOLE-Kenya). Stella’s most recent work and publications have focused on investigating temporal trends and correlates of physical activity, overweight/obesity, sedentary behaviour, and physical fitness among school-aged children in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her current projects will seek to investigate growth and economic opportunities for women after provision of subsidized and improved quality of childcare, including the child related outcomes (GrOW program), and explore what works to prevent and respond to Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG project) in conflict areas.

NAGPAL, Seema, B.Sc. Pharm. (Dalhousie), M.Sc. (Community Health and Epidemiology)(Dalhousie), Ph.D.(Ottawa)
Seema Nagpal is currently working as the Directory of Public Policy & Epidemiologist at the Canadian Diabetes Association. In this position, she responsible for directing the Association’s public policy interests and activities at both the federal and provincial levels as well as providing expert public health and epidemiological input to program and policy development for the Association. Previously, Seema  worked at the Canadian Medical Association’s Office for Public Health as Associate Director, Epidemiology, where she was responsible for scientific input into broad health and social policies and the management of specific public health projects. More recently, Seema was, among other strategic activities, responsible for interacting with external stakeholders and reviewing submissions to the Common Drug Review for the Canadian Association for Drugs and Technology in Health as Manager, Program Development Office. She is also a current member of the Policy Review Group for the Canadian Public Health Association, and the Policy and Advocacy Committee for the Canadian Pharmacists Association. 

NELSON, Chantal  BSc (Ottawa) MPH (Lakehead) Ph. D (Ottawa)
Chantal completed her PhD in 2012.  She is currently a senior epidemiologist with the Public Health Agency of Canada where she is involved in the surveillance of perinatal health in Canada.  Her doctoral research was one of the first to examine smoking behaviours among Inuit pregnant women in Nunavut.  Chantal’s research interests include maternal health, epidemiology and Aboriginal health.

POTVIN KENT, Monique, B.A. (McGill), M.A. (Carleton),  Ph. D (Ottawa)
Dr. Monique Potvin Kent is an NSERC Visiting Fellow completing post-doctoral studies at the Public Health Agency of Canada in the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control. She completed her Ph.D. in 2011 and won the Joseph De Koninck Prize for best interdisciplinary thesis at the doctoral level. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and has a clinical background in eating disorders. For the past 6 years, she has been conducting research on food and beverage marketing directed at children and on the influence of advertising policies in Canada. She was a member of the Expert Task Group on Reducing Marketing and Advertising of Foods and Beverages High in Fat, Sugar or Sodium to Children and was a member of the Advisory Committee of the CDPAC Consensus Policy Conference on Obesity and the Impact of Marketing to Children.

PRINCE WARE, Stephanie, B.Sc. honours Human Kinetics (Ottawa), M.Sc. (Queen’s),  Ph. D (Ottawa)
Dr. Stephanie Prince Ware is currently an Epidemiologist at Ottawa Public Health where she is involved in the production of health status reports. She completed her Ph.D. in 2012. She has a Master’s degree in Community Health and Epidemiology, a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and has a background in physical activity and obesity epidemiology. For the past 5 years, she has been conducting research on the neighbourhood built and social environments and child and adult physical activity and obesity.  She has a further interest in measurement of health outcomes and looking at the differences between self-report and direct measures.  She was a contributor to the Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth for several years and a student with the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group.

RAINHAM, Daniel, BES (Waterloo), MSc (Alberta), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Daniel is an Associated Professor in Environmental Science and holds and endowed Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health at Dalhousie University. Working at the interface of population health science, environmental epidemiology and health geography his research and teaching efforts focus on people-environment interactions and how these interactions affect health and well being. These efforts are supported by innovations in wearable sensors and spatial analytics, and have most recently been applied to patient management strategies, physical activity interventions and empirical research on the role of nature contact in supporting healthy behaviours in children and youth. 

RILEY, Dana, BHSc (Western), MA (York), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Dana completed her PhD in 2012. She has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. Her doctoral thesis focussed on the individual, family and neighbourhood characteristics associated with physical activity among family members of people with heart disease. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow supported by PHIRNET at the University of Ottawa where she is working on an implementation evaluation of the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health.

ROMA-REARDON, Josianne, B.Sc. (Ottawa), M.Sc. (Ottawa), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Since completing her Ph.D. in Population Health, Josianne has moved to Durban, South Africa, and has recently set up a consulting company called Indigo Innovation ( Indigo Innovation provides consulting, editing, research and training services to the private, non-profit and government sector, primarily focusing on public health issues and organisational development. All services are tailored to the needs of each organisation or company, and are offered in English, French and Portuguese in South Africa and internationally. Josianne has been involved in various projects focusing on HIV and AIDS, gender, sexual and reproductive health and rights, orphans and vulnerable children, and maternal and child health. Josianne can be contacted via the following email:

RUNNELS, Vivien, B.A. (Comb. Hons), P.G. Cert.Ed (Birmingham, U.K.), M.Sc. (City, U.K.), Dipl. Health Services and Policy Research (Ottawa), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Vivien completed her Ph.D. in Population Health in the Spring, 2011.  Vivien's Master's degree is in Disability Management in Work and Rehabilitation. She currently works as a Senior Researcher with the Population Health Improvement Research Network and the Globalization and Health Equity Research Unit at the University of Ottawa.  Her research activities include population health studies concerning food insecurity, governance of community-based research, disability and employment, and youth engagement with the post secondary sector.  Her research activities related to globalization include studies of health human resources and migration, medical tourism and out of country care, and health in foreign policy (global health diplomacy). She is also a member of the Working Group on Sex and Gender in Systematic Reviews. Vivien has been a community volunteer for many years.

STACEY, Dawn, B.Sc.N.(McMaster), M.Sc.N (Ottawa), Ph. D (Ottawa)
The profile is available at

TRICCO, Andrea C., BHSc (Western Ontario), MSc (Toronto), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Andrea C. Tricco is a Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital and a Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)/Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network New Investigator in Knowledge Synthesis (2012-2017). She is a systematic review methodologist and her research program is related to advancing the science of knowledge synthesis.

WEBBER, Gail C., B.A. (Queen's), M.D. (Queen's), M.A.(U of York, England), Ph. D (Ottawa)
Gail is a community family physician in Ottawa. She is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and is involved in supervising medical students and family medicine residents. She is currently pursuing funding opportunities to continue her research on international health issues particularly related to women's reproductive health and HIV prevention.

WILLIAMS, David, BA (San Francisco), MA (Washington State), PhD (Ottawa)
Following the completion of his PhD in Population Health in June, 2013, David joined the faculty of the Harvard School of Medicine, Pediatrics, as an associate professor and  senior biostatistician with the Boston Children’s Hospital Clinical Research Center. His research program continues in the field of pediatrics and adverse birth outcomes but will expand into the areas of adolescent medicine, cardiology and laboratory medicine. As a senior biostatistician he works with MD and PhD researchers, consulting and advising on research design and implementation as well as statistical analysis.  His teaching position currently involves delivering seminars as part of the Clinical Research Center’s core education program.

YARDLEY, Jane, B.Sc. (Mount Allison), M.Sc. (University College London, U.K.), Ph. D (Ottawa)
After graduating in the spring of 2011, Jane pursued postdoctoral research at the University of Ottawa (Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit) and the University of Manitoba (Manitoba Institute of Child Health). She is now an Assistant Professor of Physical Education at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, in Camrose, Alberta, teaching Anatomy and Physiology. Her research focuses on the acute and chronic effects of resistance exercise and high intensity interval training on blood glucose in type 1 diabetes.

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