Directed studies course (HSS5995) or elective course

Students have the option to complete a directed studies course (HSS5995) or an elective course which must be taken during the fall or winter session of the first year.

A directed studies course is a personalized course designed by you and your thesis supervisor to expand your knowledge in a field of special interest. The course is an elective and counts toward your program requirements. 

The directed studies course cannot be registered online.  Students who wish to register in HSS5995 must complete and sign the Abstract of Directed Study Form, obtain the necessary approval(s) and return the form to the Academic Office (MNT 232) along with a completed and signed Graduate Registration Form.  This course must be completed within one session.  It is not possible to extend the course over a two-session period.

Students may replace HSS5995 with a graduate-level elective course chosen in consultation with their thesis supervisor and approved by the director of the MSc program.  If you choose to register for an elective course, please complete and sign the Graduate Registration Form, the Student/Supervisor Agreement Form, obtain the necessary approval(s) and return the forms to the Academic Office (MNT232).

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