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A successful academic career, like any great endeavour, requires knowledge, foresight and careful planning.

The "Anticipated Course Scheduling" section of this website will present you a list with all the courses you can take at the right time to avoid headaches down the road. Plan ahead by narrowing down the list of courses that interest you before the registration period opens.

By filtering the results by language or by semester you will get the list of courses available for each academic year. The lists could help you make long-term decisions about how to organize your program.

By clicking on the code of each course, you can write down any special requirements, such as prerequisite courses or departmental authorizations. If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ page or contact the Academic office at 613-562-5853 Toll Free: 1-877-868-8292 ext. 5853 or by email:  Please note that the interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences is not responsible for scheduling non-HSS courses.

Please consult the relevant departmental websites for more information.

Updated February 2019

NOTE: This is the anticipated course scheduling for the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences. We will endeavour to follow this; there could however be exceptions related to staffing of personnel (sabbatical, parental leave, etc.) that may result in modifications. Course offerings may change.

3 Year Projections of Course offerings – Fall 2019


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* Course to be replaced / Cours à remplacer

** Course replaced by HSS 3110 / Cours à remplacer avec HSS 3510

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