Graduate student associations

Aims of the Human Kinetics Graduate Students’ Association

The HKGSA consists of Master's and Ph.D. students across all Human Kinetics disciplines. The Association’s goals are:

  • To represent, promote, and defend the interests of all registered full-time and part-time graduate students from the School of Human Kinetics at: 
i) the University of Ottawa, 
ii) the University of Ottawa’s Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD), 
iii) School of Human Kinetics Council, 
iv) School of Human Kinetics Graduate Studies and Research Committee, and 
v) Faculty of Health Sciences Council.
  • To promote interactions amongst Human Kinetics graduate students and professors through academic, social, and sporting activities.
  • To assist Human Kinetic graduate students with academic and non-academic matters. This includes directing students towards the appropriate agencies or resources when necessary.
  • To liaise with relevant external agencies in the field of Human Kinetics.
  • To encourage and support interdepartmental graduate student activities in the Health Science fields. 

To learn more about the aims of the Human Kinetics Graduate Students’ Association, view the HKGSA Constitution (PDF).

Executive Committee


Want to get in touch with the HKGSA? Send an email to You can also visit our Facebook page or find us on Instagram.

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