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Sport Management

Sport management is about the planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and governance of sport organizations, systems, and events.


  • Governance of sport organizations, systems and events
  • Marketing, branding, and ambush marketing of sport organizations and events
  • Social and economic impacts, legacies, and leveraging of sports events
  • Athlete development and experience in major sports events
  • Leadership and organizational culture in sport organizations


  • Research and teaching
  • Manager or director of a local, provincial or national sport or recreation organization …
  • Manager in a municipal, provincial or national recreation or sport department
  • Fitness centre manager
  • University athletics department manager
  • Manager in a professional sport organization (e.g., sport team or golf course)
  • Manager for sport apparel companies (e.g., Nike and The North Face)
  • Sport marketing agency
  • Sport management or marketing consulting


Research/teaching awards

Milena Parent:

  • Government of Ontario Early Researcher Award;
  • North American Society for Sport Management Research Fellow

Marijke Taks:

  • 2005 and 2010 Special Recognition Award University of Windsor Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, University of Windsor, Canada, Ontario;
  • 1996 Mgr. Boymans Award (Social Research Excellence Award, Mr. Boymans Foundation, Netherlands).

Research projects and opportunities

1. National Sport Organization Landscape Study on Governance, Branding, and Social Media

The study's purpose is to understand the interrelationships between governance, brand and social media in Canadian national sport organizations (NSOs). We use a mixed methods approach, starting with a landscape study (online survey) of Sport Canada-funded NSOs, followed by in depth interviews with a sample of NSOs. We will then assist NSOs to align and maximize their governance, brand and social media practices through a knowledge translation/transfer workshop and webinar. This study's findings offers NSO directors and managers recommendations on how to govern their brand and social media activities in order to maximize benefits for their various clients and stakeholders.

Student research project opportunities are available for this project.

2. Athlete Experience at the Youth Olympic Games

In collaboration with the International Olympic Committee, this study examines the longitudinal impact of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) on its participants. The project includes three parts:

Part 1: To determine the impact of previous YOG participation on key stakeholders (young athletes, reporters, ambassadors and athlete role models);

Part 2: To understand the athlete experience pertaining to the learning environment; and

Part 3: To understand the young athletes’ intentions to continue along the high-performance pathway. This is intended to capture the athletes’ desires to attend future events or determine if they are no longer interested in pursuing high-performance and why.

3. Building Capacity for Sport Participation through Events

The overall aim of the research project is to assist Local Sport Organizations’ (LSOs) to build capacity to increase sport participation opportunities with and without events. Our previous research has shown that capacity building must take place well in advance of an event so that the necessary skills and resources are adequately established prior to the event. To that end, phase one of the project consists of: (1) benchmarking LSOs’ capacities (e.g., funding, human resources) to deliver their sport programs; and, (2) investigating LSOs’ willingness and readiness to build capacity and implement change to recruit and retain new participants. LSOs are invited to participate in the study either with, or without an event.

Student research project opportunities are available for this project.

4. Commonwealth Sport University Network: Games Related Research Portfolio

Through a working collaboration with the Commonwealth Games Federation, students have the opportunity to research a number of different aspects related to the events, the impact the events have on the athletes and community and other outcomes of the Commonwealth Sport Movement. The identified priorities for this research include coach and athlete development, sport and reconciliation, inclusion and diversity in sport and, leadership development.

There are a number of student research projects available for this project.

5. Socio-economic Impacts of Sport Events

In this line of research, we examine economic, tourism, social and sport participation impacts of different types of sport events (e.g., large/small; spectator/competitor; uni-sport/multi-sport; national/international) to maximize positive and minimize negative outcomes from hosting events.

Student research project opportunities are available for this project.

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