Psychology and Pedagogy of Physical Activity and Sport


Through our theoretical and applied research and our applied consulting in the field we aim to understand, promote and enhance physical activity, quality of life, learning, and performance and the processes that facilitate these important outcomes. Our work is conducted with various populations ranging from diseased and aging individuals to underprivileged youth to elite performers to physical education teachers and coaches.


Psychology of physical activity
Jennifer Brunet
Michelle Fortier 

Sport and performance psychology and consultation
Terry Orlick
Natalie Durand-Bush
Brad Young
Diane Culver

Pedagogy in sport and physical education
Martin Camiré
Pierre Trudel
Brad Young
Diane Culver

Continued education options and Careers stemming from our domain

Teacher’s college
Students can enter Teacher’s College within a Faculty of Education with a focus on Physical and Health Education.

Graduate studies

Students interested in conducting research on the psychology or pedagogy of physical activity or sport can pursue a Masters with thesis or a Doctoral degree. Students most interested in consultation/counseling can pursue an applied Masters degree without thesis. 

Career Options

Studies in the psychology and pedagogy of physical activity and sport domain can prepare students for employment within sport organizations, public health systems, and private fitness facilities. Students can achieve trained status in certain contexts of the National Coaching Certification Program of the Coaching Association of Canada.


Students can work in private and/or public organizations that involve the teaching of physical activity programs and enhanced mental skills for populations (e.g., children, adolescents, adults, elderly) in settings such as Schools, Hospitals, the Boys and Girls Club, Community Health Centres, Campus Recreation Departments, Daycares, Residences, Resorts, Summer Camps, and YMCA. 


  • We are the largest Psychology and pedagogy of physical activity and sport faculty group in North America
  • Most of our professors have been and\or are SSHRC funded
  • Our consultants work with Olympic athletes and other high level performers
  • We have a cutting edge training and research center “Training Centre for Intervention and Consultation in Sport, Physical Activity, and Health” (TCICSPAH) which is intended to provide professional students with the best opportunities to learn and develop requisite skills for consultation and intervention in various contexts.
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