Leisure Studies

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Leisure Studies courses, which involve the integration of knowledge from many different disciplines, examine leisure as a social and cultural phenomenon, investigate leisure behaviour, consider the delivery and management of leisure services, and explore the ecological impacts of leisure.

Leisure Studies Courses

LSR 1100 Introduction to Leisure Studies (3 units)

Introduction to basic concepts of leisure and tourism, major issues, and their body of knowledge. Introduction to the professional structures and their evolution. Development of critical and scientific approach in the field of leisure and tourism.

LSR 1105 Leisure in Canadian Society (3 units)

Introduction to cultural and socio-historical analysis of leisure and tourism in Canadian society; Canadian public and private structures in leisure and tourism and their evolution; factors which influence their evolution; leisure and tourism behaviour of Canadians.

LSR 2110 Leisure: Concepts and Values (3 units)

Ideas, philosophical concepts which have shaped the notion of leisure and related concepts such as free-time, work, happiness and the quality of life; evolution of concepts and values from the time of Plato and Aristotle to the present which shape societal arrangements of leisure; implicit values in daily communications.

LSR 2118 Recreation Program Development and Evaluation (3 units)

Study of the components of recreation programs; planning, organization and evaluation techniques used in program development; programs as a means of promoting individual and community development.

LSR 2121 Recreation and Environmental Quality (3 units)

Critical study of the interactions and interrelationship between people’s recreation and the natural environment. Application to the parks and recreation field. Implications for recreation resources conservation.

LSR 2122 Tourism (3 units)

Tourism and global mobilities; social and economic determinants of tourism; North-South tourism and postcolonial approach; impacts of tourism and sustainability; relations between hosts and guests; cultural differences and heritage; sport tourism; typologies and lifestyles; marketing and technologies.

LSR 2312 Principles of Leadership in Recreation (3 units)

Theories and principles of leadership, based on sociological and psychological understanding of human interaction; leadership roles, group dynamics, and understanding of self and others in leisure situations. Leadership for social change.

LSR 3102 Special Topics in Leisure Studies (3 units)

Study of current issues in a specialized area of leisure; specific content and format will vary from year to year depending on availability of resources.

LSR 3105 Parks and Protected Areas (3 units)

Historical, philosophical, social, cultural and ecological perspectives on the establishment, policy, planning and management of parks and protected areas. The conservation movement. Managing for ecological integrity. Visitor management. The provision and management of recreation within parks. Park interpretation. Current trends. Critical analysis of park issues and plans. Prerequisite: 54 university units.

LSR 3116 Leisure Education/Counselling (3 units)

Critical, historical and philosophical perspectives on leisure education and counselling processes to address contemporary societal and individual leisure problems. Prerequisite: 54 university units.


Careers in Recreation and Leisure:

  • Work as a leisure programmer or a program evaluator
  • Work in the tourism, culture, arts, or environment/conservation industries
  • Work as a policy advisor or manager for different levels of government
  • Work as a leisure specialist with at-risk populations


Leisure Studies Professors

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