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The School of Human Kinetics comprises many research- and/or teaching-based laboratories. Students within all of our graduate programs are given the opportunity to work with various groups of students and professors within state-of-the-art laboratories/research programs. For example, students may take advantage of the Training Centre for Intervention and Consultation in Sport, Physical Activity, and Health, the Biomechanics Laboratory, and the Motor Learning Laboratory, all of which are housed within the SHK. The Behavioural and Metabolic Research Centre for Obesity Prevention and Treatment at the Montfort Hospital is home to several graduate students specializing in exercise physiology, psychology, and nutrition. So are the Biomechanics, Motor Learning and Exercise Physiology, Research Laboratories.


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Great Success for School of Human Kinetics Professors in this Year’s Tri-Council Grant Competitions

May 9, 2017

Eight professors from the School of Human Kinetics were successful as principal investigators in their grant applications to the Tri-Council funding agencies, namely the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

SSHRC Insight Grant

  • Christine Dallaire: Redonner à la communauté : l'engagement communautaire des jeunes en tant que leaders dans des initiatives sportives.
  • Milena Parent: The New Sport System Landscape: Understanding the Interrelationships between Governance, Brand, and Social Media in Non-Profit Sport Organizations

SSHRC Sport Canada Sport Participation Research Initiative

  • Diane Culver: Promoting and assessing social learning in parasport coaches and organizations


  • Jennifer Brunet: Depressive symptoms in adolescence: The independent and interactive influences of genetics and physical activity over time
  • Audrey Giles (CIHR Catalyst Award): Using Inuvialuit ways of knowing to understand how on-the-land programming can foster wellness

NSERC Discovery grant competition

  • Kristi Adamo: Characterization of placenta dynamics and response to various metabolic
  • Tony Carlsen: Examining the nature of distributed neural contributions to motor preparation and initiation
  • Michael De Lisio: Mechanisms responsible for exercise-induced alterations in hematopoiesis

School of Human Kinetics professors continue to distinguish themselves by their excellence in research and by their national and international recognition.

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