Master of Human Kinetics - Concentration in Sports Management

  Fall Winter Summer
1st year
  • APA 5105: Organizational Theory in Sport and Physical Activity (3 units)
  • APA 5318: Financial Management of Sport and Physical Activity (3 units)
  • Elective (3 units)
  • APA 5303: Marketing and Sponsorship of Sport and Physical Activity (3 units)
  • APA 5308: Organizational Behaviour in Sport and Physical Activity (3 units)
  • APA 5111: Sport Event Management (3 units)
  • *APA 5916: Internship in administration of sport and physical activity (3 units)
2nd year
APA 5921: Critical Analysis of and Reflection on Theory and Practice in Sport Management (3 units)

APA 6912 Sport Business Consulting (3 units)

Elective (3 units)



Elective courses: APA5104, APA5112, APA5303, APA5305, APA5306, APA5307, APA5308, APA5997, APA6302, APA 6910

*Courses with ongoing activities are courses offered during several consecutive sessions. Therefore, you must register for the following courses every session if you have not completed all the requirements of your course:

When registering, you must select the course section that corresponds to the session in which you are registering.

Degree requirements and course descriptions

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