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Student Internship Program

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Program Description

APA 4111 Internship/Clinical Experience is a 3 credit course that requires students to complete 100 practical internship hours within a specific field of human kinetics. This capstone experience allows students to make links with the knowledge acquired during their undergraduate studies and the realities of a real work environment.  Internships are usually completed with an organization located in the National Capital Region.

    Program Objectives

    Specific objectives of the course

    Students will:

    1. Apply previously learned concepts and theories in a professional work environment;
    2. Critically reflect on the concepts and theories learned and how they relate to the realities of the internship location;
    3. Learn the various policies, methods, procedures and approaches used in a specific field in sport, leisure or physical activity;
    4. Gain practical work experience;
    5. Develop a network of key contacts and references.

    Note: Starting in 2020/2021 the School of Human Kinetics will be offering a 6 credit internship. Additional parameters and requirements will be implemented.

    Program Parameters
    • Students must be registered to both sections of APA 4111, specifically: APA 4111-1 (Fall) and APA 4111-2(Winter).
    • Attendance to all in-class sessions is mandatory.
    • Students must have completed all internship requirements (Police Record Check, CPR and First Aid, Immunizations) before starting their internship.
    • A minimum of 100 hours must be completed and accounted for by the internship supervisor.
    • The internship cannot start before the first class in September and a specific end date will be established in early April.
    • A minimum of 40 hours must be completed in each semester.
    • A minimum of 7 weeks must be completed in the fall semester.
    • A minimum of 7 weeks must be completed in the winter semester.

    Process to follow

    Step 1: Confirm your eligibility
    • All students who wish to complete an internship with the School of Human Kinetics must be enrolled in an undergraduate program with the School of Human Kinetics.
    • Students must have completed 81 university credits to register to APA4111 or APA4511.
    Step 2: Contact the Office of Risk Management

    All students who wish to complete an internship with the School of Human Kinetics must complete the following internship requirements before starting their internship:

    • CPR-HCP and First Aid certification,
    • Full record of immunization,
    • Police record check for vulnerable sector,
    • Flu vaccine.

    All Internship Requirements should be sent directly to the University of Ottawa’s Risk Management Office.

    For more information:

    Please contact:

    Or visit:

    Office or Risk Management:

    1 Nicholas St. (room 1216)

    Ottawa, Ontario

    CANADA K1N 7B7

    Step 3: Contact and Meet the Internship Coordinator

    The Internship Coordinator will begin meeting with students in early May to start planning the 2019/2020 internships in Human Kinetics. The Internship Coordinator will help students explore their internship options and can suggest specific internship locations. The Internship Coordinator must approve every student’s internship location, their designated internship supervisor as well as the student’s tasks and responsibilities.

    To schedule a meeting, please complete this form and send it by email to the Internship Coordinator with a copy of your cover letter and resume.

    Step 4: Register to APA 4111

    APA 4111 is a 3 credit course offered by the School of Human Kinetics of the University of Ottawa. Students can register to APA 4111 through uozone, just like any other university course. The deadline to register for this course is June 30th 2018.

    Step 5: Confirm your field of interest

    Students will need to complete certain prerequisite courses depending on the chosen internship domain.

    Prerequisite courses will vary depending on the specific host organization. The Internship Coordinator of the School of Human Kinetics will discuss these prerequisite courses in more detail with each student individually before approving their internship experience.

    Students should have completed the following APA3000 level courses before starting their internship and should be registered to most of the following APA4000 level courses during their internship.

    Kinesiology and Rehabilitation

    • APA3125 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
    • APA3150 Neural Control of Human Movement
    • APA3325 Fitness Training Principles
    • APA 4313 Exercise and Disease Prevention
    • APA 4123 Physical Activity Counselling
    • APA 4118 Biomechanical Basis of Injury
    • APA 4150 Principles in Psychomotor Rehabilitation
    • APA 4160 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription

    Sport Management and Health Promotion

    • APA 2134 Administration of Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity Services
    • APA 3113 Management of sporting events and festivals
    • APA 4145 Sport and Recreation Marketing 
    • APA 3122 Physical Activity and Health
    • APA 3143 Physical Activity and Community Health
    • APA 3142 Sociology of Health in Canada
    • APA 4313 Exercise and Disease Prevention

    Coaching and High Performance Training

    • APA 2111 Intervention Theories
    • APA 3111 Intervention Observation and Experimentation
    • APA 3116 Principles of Coaching
    • APA 3119 Coaching Training Methods
    • APA 3324 Technique and strategies in sport
    • APA 3325 Fitness Training Principles
    • APA 4116 Applied Sport and Performance Psychology
    Step 6: Interview with host organization

    All host organizations will request the resume and a cover letter of interested student-candidates. A formal interview will take place prior to the start of the fall semester. During the interview, the host organization will present their expectations and discuss the student’s potential tasks and responsibilities.  After the interview, the host organization will make the final decision to either accept or reject the student’s internship application.

    For more information regarding cover letters and resumes, please visit the University of Ottawa’s Career Development Centre:

    Step 7: Complete your internship

    Students can officially begin counting their internship hours after they have attended the first class of APA4511 or APA4111 during the first week of the fall semester.

    Students should have completed their 100 hours and submitted all assignments by March 29th, 2019. Specific deadlines will be presented in the course outline.

    Step 8: Final Evaluation

    APA 4111 follows the University of Ottawa’s alphanumeric grading system. The student’s final mark will be calculated by evaluating the following assignments:

    • Preliminary Internship Report: 5%
    • Internship Analysis Presentation: 20%
    • Report – Evidence Based Practice: 10%
    • Weekly journal entries: 5%
    • Internship Analysis Report: 20%
    • Evaluations by Internship Supervisor: 40%

    Community Partners

    • Gloucester-Cumberland Bantam AA Girls Hockey Team
    • Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club
    • Tryumph Gymnastics
    Health Promotion
    • City of Ottawa - ABI Program
    • Pro Set Autism
    • University of Ottawa Heart Institute
    • 360 Centre 360
    • Amped Sports Lab
    • Boxing 4 Health
    • Bruyère Continuing Care
    • Can Am Strength and Conditioning
    • Capital Athletics
    • Capital Strength Training Systems
    • CBI Health Group
    • CHEO
    • Complete Hockey Development Centre
    • Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces
    • FitQuest
    • FRST Fitness
    • Gatineau Olympiques
    • Gee-Gees High Performance Centre
    • Gloucester Skating Club
    • Julia McAllister Mental Performance Consulting
    • Keller Active Health
    • Montfort Hospital
    • Neurogym Rehab
    • Optimum Performance Athlétique
    • Ottawa Junior Senators
    • Ottawa Senators
    • Peak Centre for Human Performance
    • Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
    • The Ottawa Hospital
    • University of Ottawa Heart Institute
    • University of Ottawa Men's Hockey
    • Ashbury College
    • Collège Catholique Franco-Ouest
    • École catholique Béatrice Desloges
    • École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-des-Champs
    • École élémentaire catholique Notre-Place
    • École élémentaire catholique St-Joseph de Wendover
    • École secondaire catholique de Casselman
    • École secondaire catholique d'Embrun
    • École secondaire catholique Garneau
    • École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury
    • École Secondaire Publique Louis Riel
    • Lisgar Collegiate Institute
    • Merivale High School
    • Notre Dame Catholic High School
    • St. Peter Catholic High School
    Recreation and Leisure
    • Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
    • ABC Pediatric Therapies
    • Action Potential Rehabilitation
    • ActiveCare Physio
    • AMPOS Orthopaedic
    • BackTracks Health Centre
    • C-Centre Outaouais Concussion Centre
    • Clinique de Physiothérapie de La Lièvre
    • Hawkesbury Therapy
    • Hyrdathletics
    • Integrated  Health Care Collective
    • Lifemark Health
    • MédiSport Physio
    • MEDSPORT Ottawa
    • Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre
    • Optimize Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine
    • Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics
    • Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center
    • Pediatric Physio and Occupational Therapy
    • Performance Sports Therapy
    • Physio Avantage Plus
    • PhysioOutaouais
    • Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres
    • University of Ottawa Health Services - Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy
    • Vitality Physiotherapy
    • West Physio
    Sport Management
    • 2020 Canadian Ringette Championships Host Organizing Committee
    • Archery Canada
    • Canadian Paralympic Committee
    • Diving Canada
    • Little League Canada
    • Perfect Skating
    • Ultimate Canada

    Important Dates and Deadlines

    APA 4111

    Last day to register Jun. 30th 2019
    Start of individual meetings with Internship Coordinator May. 1st 2019
    Start date Sept. 5th 2019
    Deadline to secure a host organization Sept. 19th 2019
    End date Mar. 27th 2020

    Internship requirements

    Record of Immunization

    May. 15th 2019

    CPR – HCP and First Aid certification

    Aug. 2nd 2019

    Police record check for vulnerable populations

    Aug. 2nd 2019

    Flu vaccine

    Dec. 2nd 2019


    Internship Coordinator

    For more information regarding the internship program of the School of Human Kinetics, please contact:

    Daniel Crête

    Internship Coordinator
    School of Human Kinetics
    University of Ottawa

    Daniel Crête


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