Doctorate in Philosophy Human Kinetics

Please note that this program is governed by the academic regulations in effect for graduate studies and that the regulations have priorities over this proposed sequence.

Course Sequence

The PhD program in human kinetics requires successful completion of the following: a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 18 credits of coursework, with at least 3 credits from 7000-level courses among APA7301/7701, APA7302/7702, APA7304/7704, APA7305/7705; a comprehensive examination; a thesis proposal; and a thesis. The type and amount of coursework depends on the student's background (research experience and skills) and chosen field of research. Each student’s course selection must be approved by the School of Human Kinetics' Assistant Director of Graduate Studies.

Registration for Courses with Ongoing Activities

Courses with ongoing activities are courses offered during several consecutive sessions. Therefore, you must register for the following courses every session if you have not completed all the requirements of your course:

  • APA9998 - Comprehensive exam
  • APA9997 - Thesis proposal

When registering, you must select the course section that corresponds to the session in which you are registering. 

Degree requirements and course descriptions

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