Honours BSc in Human Kinetics - Emphasis on biophysical sciences (BScHK) (Students admitted before 2018)

Total (120 units) Fall Winter
1st year
30 units 
  • APA 1161 Introduction to Biophysical Aspects of Human Movement
  • APA 1313 Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  • BIO 1130 Introduction to Organismal Biology
  • CHM 1311 Principles of Chemistry1
  • ENG 1100 Workshop in Essay Writing OR
  • ENG 1112 Technical Report Writing


  • ANP 1105 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 1140 Introduction to Cell Biology
  • CHM 1321 Organic Chemistry I
  • APA optional (1000/2000)2
  • Elective
2nd year
30 units
  • APA 2120 Motor Control and Learning
  • APA 2140 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • MAT 1330 Calculus for the Life Sciences I3
  • PHY 1321 Principles of Physics I4
  • Elective
  • APA 2114 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement
  • APA 2180 Research Methods in Human Kinetics
  • APA 2301 Exercise Physiology1
  • APA 2314 Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics
  • APA optional (1000/2000)2
3rd year
30 units
  • APA 3381 Measurement and Data Analysis in Human Kinetics
  • APA optional
  • APA optional (3000/4000)
  • Science optional5
  • Elective
  • APA 3120 Psychomotor Behaviour Laboratory
  • APA optional (3000/4000)
  • APA optional (3000/4000)
  • Elective
  • Elective
4th year
30 units 
  • APA 4100 (1) Research Project5 OR
  • APA 4111 (1) Internship Clinical Experience6
  • APA optional (3000/4000)
  • APA optional (3000/4000)
  • Elective
  • Elective


  • APA 4100 (2) Research Project5 OR
  • APA 4111 (2) Internship Clinical Experience6
  • APA optional (3000/4000)
  • APA optional (4000)
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

It is important to follow this course sequence if you wish to complete the requirements of your program in four years. Any failure, withdrawal or modification of a course in this sequence could result in a delay in completing the requirements of your program.


To find an elective, visit the course timetable.
To find APA optional courses (3000/4000) or APA 2000 courses that serve as electives, visit the list of APA courses.
To find LSR courses that serve as electives, visit the list of LSR courses.
To find any other elective course, visit the list of courses.

To find out when Human Kinetics optional courses will be offered, visit the anticipated course offerings.
You have the option of adding a minor of 30 units. The minor replaces the 30 elective units.
A maximum of 48 units at the 1000 level is permitted.
For more information on French Immersion visit French Immersion Studies
1 You must register to CHM1301, if you did not complete chemistry 4U or the equivalent.
2 Choose 6 units from the following list: APA1122, APA1302, APA2111 or APA2134.
3 To register to MAT1330, the prerequisite MAT 4U or MAT1339 is required. Note that units for this course are in addition to the requirements of your program.
4 You must register to PHY1331, if you did not complete physics 4U or the equivalent.
5 Science optional: choose 3 units from the following list: ANP1107, BIO2110, BIO2133 or CHM2120.
6 APA4100 or APA4111 is offered year round and counts as 1.5 units per session.
The deadline to register to APA4111 - Internship Clinical Experience is June 30.

Registration requirements for clinical placements
Please consult the Office of Risk Management to obtain more information regarding the additional program requirements

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