Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

The University of Ottawa is committed to recognizing the dignity and autonomy of all students, employees, professors, and visitors. The Faculty of Health sciences shares this profound commitment to human rights, as well as to an inclusive Canadian culture that celebrates and respects difference and diversity for all.

The Faculty of Health Sciences recognizes that to become more inclusive, we must continue our efforts to:

  • Eliminate barriers, harassment, and discrimination.
  • Offer the opportunity for everyone to strive towards their full potential.
  • Actively seek diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge to inform the creation of a safe, innovative, and dynamic learning and working environment.

For more information on the University of Ottawa Human Rights Office, visit: https://www.uottawa.ca/respect/en

For more information on the wide-ranging approach to address racism and discrimination on campus, visit: https://www.uottawa.ca/respect/en/combatting-racism-on-campus

For more information on the University of Ottawa Indigenous Action Plan and the Indigenous Resource Centre (IRC), visit: https://www.uottawa.ca/indigenous/

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