A partnership between the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Nurses Association.


Publication - Canadian Nurses Association

Drs David Wright, Wendy Peterson and Wendy Gifford have developed a publication with the CNA to provide ethical decision-making guidance for nurses working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Nurses' Ethical Considerations During a Pandemic

Advocacy Initiative - Canadian Nurses Foundation

The Canadian Nurses Foundation has launched a COVID-19 Fund to support nurses during the pandemic to:

  • Support Nurses TODAY
  • Provide mental health support for nurses during this COVID-19 pandemic
  • Help provide nurses with the evidence, skills and training they need to navigate Covid-19 safer and more quickly for all of us
  • Develop and share best practices for future pandemics
  • Explore and support new research in critical care and pandemic response


Please click on the link below for more information:


Notice of Advocacy Initiatives

We wish everyone safety in this critical time and thank you for doing your part to care of patients, families and communities.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will be posting notices of different advocacy initiatives that you may be interested in supporting.


Works in Progress

Works In Progress (WIPs) meetings are monthly student-focused events featuring a formal presentation or a brainstorming session related to the student’s topic of study for the purpose of providing feedback. 

Ongoing sessions will be held the last Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted.

If you are interested in presenting at our next WIPs, please send an email to sdaugher@uottawa.ca.


September 2020

Presenter: Amanda Hummel

Title: Barriers & Enablers to Nurses' Sleep Promotion Practices in the Cardiac Post-Surgery Inpatient Population: A Theoretical Domains Framework Guided Survey Study

Poor sleep is common among cardiac post-surgery inpatients and cardiac nurses are well positioned to ensure that adequate sleep is promoted. Guided by the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF), I created a cross-sectional questionnaire to investigate non-pharmacological sleep promotion practices used by nurses in cardiac post-surgical settings. My results outline frequently used sleep promotion practices and common enablers/barriers to sleep promotion practice use in this population.

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Palliative Care and Nursing Ethics

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About US

CRHN brings together Canadian and international researchers, trainees and knowledge users to actively promote the generation and uptake of research knowledge to improve health and nursing for patients, providers, organizations, and health care systems.

From Our Directors

At the University of Ottawa we are excited and honoured to be in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association, the national voice of nursing.Through our research centre, we will bring together Canadian and international researchers, trainees, and knowledge users to actively promote the generation and uptake of research knowledge, and improve health and nursing for Canada and around the world.

- Wendy Gifford, Co-Director, CRHN and Wendy Peterson, Associate Director, CRHN 

As we strive continually to strengthen the rigour of our policy work, the Canadian Nurses Association is excited to have the opportunity to work in partnership with the University of Ottawa Centre for Research on Health and Nursing. We look forward to the coming years of collaboration on work to support our shared aims of better health, better care and better value bolstered by an informed nursing workforce.

- Michael Villeneuve, Co-Director, CRHN

Vision and Goals


To be a national and international research hub to improve health and nursing in Canada and the world.


  • To build the research capacity of health care trainees, clinicians, leaders, and researchers in Canada and internationally.
  • To study knowledge mobilization in diverse health care settings.
  • To promote evidence-informed practice/policy change through knowledge translation and dissemination of research findings.
  • To evaluate health and nursing outcomes at the individual, organizational and system levels.
  • To explore patient and provider perspectives and experiences of health and nursing care.
Our Members

The CRHN brings together Canadian and international researchers, trainees, and knowledge users to actively promote the creation and deployment of research knowledge with the goal of improving health and nursing care for patients, providers, health care organizations and systems.

Our Team

Wendy Gifford, RN, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing

Michael Villeneuve, RN, MSc
CEO Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

Wendy Peterson, RN, PhD
Associate Director
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing

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