Change in Status (full-time vs. part-time)

Some programs offered by the School of Human Kinetics can be taken either full time or part time. You choose your status when you apply for admission and we confirm this status in your offer of admission to the program. If you are admitted as a part-time student, you may register for a maximum of six credits or the equivalent.

To modify your status, you must first review the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’s rules on residence requirements. Students registered as full-time students must meet the residence requirements before they can change to part-time status. Second, you need to complete the modification form. Finally, you must send your completed application to the Academic Office of the Faculty of Health Science (MNT 232) by the registration deadline.

Please note that switching from full-time to part-time status cancels admission/graduate scholarships and could have an impact on financial aid.

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