Faculty Executive Committee

Role :

the Executive Committee are to:

  1. Make recommendations related to budgets, finances and overall administration of the Faculty to the Dean;
  2. Work with the Dean to establish priorities and draft annual budget estimates for the following year, in keeping with the terms of the academic development plan of the Faculty;
  3. Ensure the implementation of the Faculty’s academic, research and space policies, as approved by the Senate;
  4. Provide a forum for discussion on academic and administrative policies as well as on orientations of the Faculty;
  5. Exercise such powers as delegated by the Faculty Council and carry out other functions as assigned by the Faculty Council;
  6. Exercise the powers of the Faculty Council to deal with urgent matters that may arise between Council meetings; the Executive Committee does not have the authority to change existing bylaws or to introduce new ones;
  7. Carry out all other functions as assigned by the Dean or the Faculty Council;
  8. Ensure the implementation of academic and administrative policies approved by the Faculty Council.
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