Centre for Research on Health and Nursing (CRHN)

A partnership between the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

CRHN links decision-makers with knowledge users & researchers with health care scientists at the University of Ottawa and abroad. Our goal is to make a meaningful impact for improving patient care and outcomes within Canada and the world.


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The CRHN creates a community for members of CNA and the University of Ottawa to engage with trainees (undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) to become leaders of healthcare delivery.

We invite students, researchers, health care professionals and policy-makers from all domains (education, administration, policy, research, clinical practice) and sectors to join CHRN.

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Message from CNA

As we strive continually to strengthen the rigour of our policy work, the Canadian Nurses Association is excited to have the opportunity to work in partnership with the University of Ottawa Centre for Research on Health and Nursing. We look forward to the coming years of collaboration on work to support our shared aims of better health, better care and better value bolstered by an informed nursing workforce!

Message from the University of Ottawa

At the University of Ottawa we are excited and honoured to be in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association, the national voice of nursing. Through our research centre, we will bring together Canadian and international researchers, trainees and knowledge users to actively promote the generation and uptake of research knowledge, and improve health and nursing for Canada and around the world.  

Wendy Gifford, PhD, RN
Co-Director, Center for Research on Health & Nursing (CRHN)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing

Amanda Vandyk, PhD, RN
Associate Director, Center for Research on Health & Nursing (CRHN)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing


Research Themes

CRHN - Research areas
  1. Knowledge mobilization

  2. Populations who are vulnerable and at risk

  3. Global health and nursing

  4. Leadership, policy, and administration

  5. Undergraduate education and continuing professional development

About CHRN

To be a national and international research hub to improve health and nursing for Canada and around the world. 


  • To build research capacity of health care trainees, clinicians, leaders, and researchers in Canada and internationally.
  • To study knowledge mobilization in diverse health care settings.
  • To promote evidence-informed practice/policy change through knowledge translation and dissemination of research findings.
  • To evaluate health and nursing outcomes at individual, organizational and system levels.
  • To explore patient and provider perspectives and experiences of health and nursing care.

Wendy Gifford, Co-Director
Michael Villeneuve, Co-Director
Amanda Vandyk, Associate Director


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