Student Awards

Each year, the RCSCS organizes a competition to reward the authors of outstanding essays or research papers in Canadian sport studies at the undergraduate level. Two juries are set up: one for the papers written in French, and one for the papers written in English.    Each jury can award a $400 cash prize to the authors of the best papers in each language.

The contest is primarily aimed at students registered at the undergraduate level in Canadian universities in 2012-2013. Students registered in non-Canadian universities are also eligible, as long as their paper focuses on Canada.


  • Promote student interest for sports studies;
  • Promote the image of sports studies in Canadian universities;
  • Encourage undergraduate students to enroll in graduate studies in sports studies, most preferably in a Canadian university.

Winning papers are made available on the Centre’s website. The names of the winners are also communicated to the list servers of scientific societies in North America and La Francophonie.

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