About the centre

Located at the School of Human Kinetics, the Centre is supported by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Centre’s mission is to contribute to the expanding research on sport in Canada and to create a favourable environment for young researchers in this area. For its members, the Centre is a space where they can work on their projects in collaboration with others members of the Centre or on their own research projects. For graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, the Centre is a physical space where they have access to a workstation, but also, most importantly, to a stimulating work environment that fosters constructive interaction.

Most importantly, the Centre offers its members a place to exchange ideas and to be intellectually stimulated so that they may develop their research and start writing their future publications (individually or in collaboration with others).  The monthly workshops organized by the Centre are central to the promotion of this aspect. Each workshop is in fact a discussion forum on a proposed text (a journal article or a book chapter) submitted by a member of the Centre or by an invited researcher. The goal of the discussion is to help the author improve his or her paper in the final stages of writing. Workshops often lead to new exchanges between members, or even to new research collaborations.


  • To develop interdisciplinary research in Canadian Sport studies relating to globalization; as well as the study of sport, citizenship and population health in Canada.
  • To offer research supervision and training for graduate students in the field of sport in Canadian society.
  • To network and co-ordinate research of Canadian and foreign researchers interested in the Centre's areas of study.
  • To offer a source of expert knowledge on questions relating to Canadian sport studies for governments and other interested bodies.


The report submitted by the Subcommittee on the study of sport in Canada to the Canadian House of Commons in November 1998 put forward the importance of sport for Canadian culture and identity, as well as for the Canadian economy in the present context of the globalization of sport. The report also made reference to the glaring need for research on sport in Canada. One of the recommendations suggested that: "The Government of Canada invest in specific sport research […]. A formal mechanism would be needed for co-ordinating research and distributing findings." In April 2001, the National Summit on Sport which was held in Ottawa reiterated the need for research on sport in Canada. Bill C-12, the Law favouring physical activity and sport, stipulates that there is reason to support research on sport and physical activity in Canada (s. 5(a)). Finally, the report of the Romanow Commission on the Canadian health care system (2002) suggests that disease prevention and health promotion become two axes of the health care system. It also called for research centres focussing their work on obesity and the promotion of physical activity. The aim of the Research Centre for Sport in Canadian Society is to tackle these challenges. 

Research Axes

The Centre has a mandate to contribute to the interdisciplinary research on sport in Canadian society in relation to the following axes:

The Governance of Sport

  • Public Policy and Sport
  • Sport Management, Economics, and Law
  • Sport and Globalization

Sport, Social Inequalities, and Identities

  • Sport and Aboriginal/Minority Identities
  • Sport and Gender Identities
  • Social Inclusion/Exclusion

Sport, Health and Lifestyle

  • Sport and Risk
  • Sport and Physical Activity Knowledge
  • Physical Activity and Sport as Determinants of Health


The Director of the Centre is appointed by the Vice-President, Research. The director meets with the executive committee three times during the school year (Fall, Winter and Spring).

Director of the RCSCS:

Jean Harvey

Committees for 2012-2013

Executive committee

John Barnes

Alexandre Dumas

Jean Harvey

Milena Parent

Benoît Séguin

Selection committee for the Centre's Research Assistantship competition:

John Barnes

Eileen O'Connor

Benoît Séguin


Selection committee for the Centre's Undergraduate Student Essay Competition:

Alexandra Arellano

Audrey Giles

Eric MacIntosh

Re-branding committee:

Norm O'Reilly

Benoît Séguin

Stephen Stuart

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