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RE form – What do you need to do?

Please note that the Faculty does not have access to the information submitted to the eAwards platform (we cannot see RE forms’ attachments and content). 

Before submitting a grant application or any type of contracts, you need to obtain approval of your RE form from your school director and the Vice-Dean Research of the Faculty. To obtain the document that needs to be signed, please follow the few steps described in this document (reform-process-may2017-eng.pdf).

Once you have followed these steps and generated the signature pages, please submit them to your school director as well as the research office ( accompanied by a draft of your project and budget, at least 5 business days prior to your deadline.

Assistance with research funding applications

The Research Office assists individuals as well as teams of researchers at all stages and in all aspects of grant proposals including:

  • Consultation for financing opportunities or budget revision:
    An e-mail, describing the objective of the consultation, should be sent directly to the Research Office ( A member of the Research Office will scheduled a phone or in-person meeting with the researcher to answer questions / discuss opportunities.
  • Request for 2nd reading or recycling of application:
    A formal request, indicating objective of the project and brief summary of assistance needed, must be submitted to the school director, who will approach the Vice-Dean, Research with the information. Once the request is approved, a member of the Research Office will contact the researcher to ask for the necessary documents (form, project and budget descriptions, CV) and schedule a meeting to discuss details of the application. Such request should be sent at least 4 weeks prior to application deadline.
  • Information sessions:
    The Research Office regularly organizes information seminars so that researchers can:
    • get an update about the latest news and changes related to tri-council (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR) policies and grant programs;
    • learn about new programs and opportunities (e.g. MITACS, OCE, Genome Canada)
  • Forwarding new funding opportunities as they arise, through the distribution of a monthly newsletter.
  • Discussing strategies for grant applications (e.g. most appropriate type of grant and granting agency, what expertise is needed, pilot versus full grant proposals, etc.);
  • Assisting in the formation of research teams for grant proposals;
  • Liaising between researchers and University services including:
    • Innovation Support Services (contracts, IPs, material transfers)
    • Research Management Services (institutional signatures; internal and external grant applications)
    • Purchasing (cost estimates)


Interernal funding opportunities (research and travel grants)

For undergraduate and graduate students

For Professors

  • SSHRC International Travel Grants: One competition per year – internal Faculty deadline will be announced by the Research Office in the spring, at least one month prior to the deadline. The announcement will include application guidelines and eligibility criteria.


Other useful links

  • Ethics for research involving humans at the University of Ottawa:  Any research project involving human participants, whether it is funded or not, must receive ethics approval from a Research Ethics Board (REB) of the University of Ottawa prior to the start of the project.
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