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International Stream

Given the rapid globalization of health care issues, the Faculty of Health Sciences has created a special unit to deal with international health care issues in research as well as the development and training of future health care professionals. Its vision is based on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) (UN, 2000) for research and development goals, and on the UNESCO document Les sept savoirs nécessaires à l’éducation du futur [seven basic skills needed for education in the future] for educational goals.

These texts emphasize the importance of acting quickly in a spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation and global citizenship. They also highlight a concept of international or global health care that focuses on social issues instead of geographical parameters. The primary aim is to recognize the dynamics of health care inequality, regardless of location. For this reason, the Faculty of Health Sciences has decided to create an organizational structure that will address both local and international issues.

The Faculty is working on implementing the following services:

  • Teaching: a set of courses and tools for teaching staff to diminish the ethnocentrism inherent in current materials
  • Fieldwork: four skill levels to train students for contemporary realities
  • Research: coordination of faculty work and maximization of resources
  • Development: updating the humanitarian vision of the founding texts
  • Cross-fertilization: cross-sectional component to give students opportunities that involve coursework, research and development simultaneously


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