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Courses Offered

NSG 3300 Interprofessional EOLC Undergraduate course
This course provides an introduction to care of the terminally ill through an understanding of  pain and symptom control and  examination of bereavement, suffering, ethical, legal,  cultural and decision- making issues.  Students will have the opportunity to explore different professional perspectives, communication skills and the key elements of collaborative person-centred practice.

NSG 6135 Graduate Interprofessional EOLC course.
This course examines palliative/end-of- life care philosophy and practice implemented across the lifespan and diverse health settings. Different professional perspectives will provide a forum for the critical examination of theory, research, practice and policy issues related to the care of individuals and families facing a life threatening illness.  Students will explore concepts related to death, dying, bereavement, interprofessional collaboration, health care systems, culture and society. 

HSS 4100- Exploring Death and Dying through Literature
This interprofessional course examines concepts of suffering and issues relevant to death and to the care of the dying as reflected in works of literature. Students explore different professional perspectives of these concepts and issues, and relate them to socio-economic, political and cultural factors.  The course provides a forum for studying professionalism, professional ethics and professional culture in seminar format.

NSG 4302 Post RN:  Palliative Care Nursing

This course examines the principles of palliation as they apply to the nursing care of the terminally ill patient and his/her family. Adopting a "quality-of-life" philosophy, emphasis is placed on nursing interventions that promote pain and symptom control. In addition, topics relevant to end of life care involving the psychological, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions of the individual and family are discussed.

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