About the School in Nutrition Sciences

Mission and Vision


The Baccalaureate in Health Sciences is designed to provide cutting-edge training that prepares students for the important professional role they will play in maintaining the health and well-being of individuals over a whole lifetime. On the strength of their outstanding theoretical and clinical knowledge, these students are also destined to become leaders and decision-makers in their field.

Thanks to its innovative approach, its interdisciplinary setting and the research prowess of its professors, the nutrition sciences program aims to train professionals who will not only make a powerful contribution to the body of knowledge in nutrition sciences, but also stress the critical impact nutrition has on the health of individuals and entire populations.


Our mission is to provide French-language training to bilingual students to enable them to meet the requirements of the Canadian professional dietitian accreditation exam. To achieve this, we seek to provide students with relevant practical training in stimulating settings and to ensure that they have access to cutting-edge knowledge in the field of nutrition sciences. We also wish to improve the practice of the profession through the scholarly work conducted by our faculty.  We strive to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, so as to broaden the health care knowledge base. Finally, we are committed to actively promoting health and nutrition sciences, through learning, research and professional practice partnerships, both in Canada and abroad. 

Office of the Director

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