Sport Management

Olympic Stadium

Sport Management is concerned with the successful operation of numerous types of sport organizations, ranging from various professional teams and leagues, to many national and international amateur sports organizations, federations, conferences, and associations. There is a need for competent managers at all levels of the industry. Thus, it is essential that students studying Sport Management develop competencies in core business areas such as finance, management, marketing and operations.

The sport management group focuses on understanding the management of major sporting events, as well as, more broadly, the sport system. We examine events and the sport system from a variety of perspectives, including

  • Organization theory (how the organizations work)
  • Strategic management (how the organization performs, i.e. medals, funding, etc.)
  • Marketing (how organizations market themselves, generate revenue)
  • Sponsorship (how organizations partner with the private sector to achieve mutual benefits)
  • Organization behaviour (leadership, human resources, group dynamics, team building, conflict management, etc.)


We have a variety of research projects underway. These include:

  • Studying the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games-Government relationship in terms of issues and strategies, decision making, performance, accountability, and marketing/sponsorship
  • Examining youth engagement in sport (non-participation, passive participation, and active participation)
  • Kids in Shape: examining a francophone community-based physical activity program for underprivileged kids aged 4-12 in the Vanier-Rideau area of Ottawa
  • Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study - seeks to improve understanding and strategy of sponsorship in Canada. One of the key objectives is to provide an overview of the sponsorship industry in Canada which, in turn, will enable deeper understanding of its strategic use.


Careers stemming from the domain

This area of interest prepares students to work in various sport, leisure, health, wellness and physical activity related organizations such as national sport organizations (e.g., Athletics Canada, Bowls Canada, Diving Canada, Football Canada, Hockey Canada, Skate Canada, Synchro Canada, Volleyball Canada, Canada Games Council, Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Interuniversity Sports CIS), provincial sport organizations, local and regional sport organizations, municipal recreation departments, provincial and federal departments or agencies (e.g., CPRA, Sport Canada, Sport Québec, Kino-Québec, Parks Canada, Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario). There are also private or professional organizations, such as the Ottawa Senators (NHL), the YW-YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, fitness centers, community centers, resorts, college and university sport services or campus recreation departments which hire our students.


We have funding for graduate students who wish to pursue their studies with us in our various projects. Please contact professors SéguinParentO'Reilly or MacIntosh for further details.

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